How to dress covers ?

How to dress covers ?

all car owners know that is very difficult to seat in your vehicle stored in the original form, as on the surface settles a lot of dust and dirt.To solve this problem is not difficult - it is necessary to buy blankets.In the store you can buy them according to your own taste and preferences.That purchase is made, and before you there is a new problem - how to dress covers?

How should wear covers

To begin with covers should be removed from the packaging to find out what elements they consist of and what is meant.Experts advise to first all the details of the newly acquired products decompose inside the machine so as then they will have to be installed.Cases designed for the front seats, positioned on the front seats and covers, intended for the rear seat - rear.

should carefully sort out for what exactly is the seat cover - to the right or left.The fact that many models of covers for the left and right seats are very different from each other.This applies not only to the portion of the cover, which is intended for a seat, but also to its back.In this case, focus on the absence or presence of a mechanical backup control pockets, armrests and back.This scheme can be attributed to the installation of covers on the rear seats.

Before you put cases, you need to carefully sort out car product.Pay special attention to the head.The fact that on some models the front head restraints are larger than the rear, although at first glance it is easy to miss, but you can check out.

To check side headrest elements need to attach to each other.There is another important point - to be installed should be defined front and rear parts.In some cases it is necessary.

need to consider carefully and armrests, they also have front and rear.For correct installation is to sort out what their part of the front and which the back.To do this, you need to carefully look at their side portions.Party with a large bend - this front.

To install

First covers are placed on the front seats.How to put covers on the driver's and front passenger's seat?

  • There is no need to remove from the interior of these seats to be installed on their covers.
  • seats are removed from both headrests.
  • Thereafter worn cover on the back of the front seat and pulled down.Three gum center located at the seam are threaded between the seat backrest and through the slot, after which they are stretched so as to cover tightly sat on a chair.Only after this gum under the seats fixed hooks.
  • next step - the bottom part of the car seat cover is put on.This part is straightened out in all directions and with the help of hooks fastened under the seat.
  • Then on the back of the product is pulled back.To do this, pull it down and under the seat with the help of hooks to fix gum.
  • Last stage - the headrest cover is stretched and fastened gum.In those places where the headrest rods come in a chair, cross-shaped incision is made.Thereafter, the cut edges of the pistons are filled in and inserted head.
  • The same actions are carried out with another front seat.

How to put covers on the rear row of seats

  • rear seats are dismantled and removed from the vehicle.
  • After this, the relevant part of the seat cover to throw items.Those parts where there is lightning, intended for the seat back, and without the zipper to the bottom.
  • Car Cover is designed for the rear seat backrest, pull with rubber bands from top to bottom, and then secured his hooks.
  • After that, the lower part of the seat cover is worn and cracked down in the direction from the front to the back seat.Before attaching the hook to pull the cover must be using rubber bands.
  • After all these steps, the upper and lower part of the rear seats are installed in the car.

Wear covers cars as possible and not taking out car seats.But in this case it does not turn out high-quality stitched.As a result, cases can wrinkle, tear and fail before fixed covers.