How to set up a universal remote ?

How to set up a universal remote ?

Not so long ago, people could only dream about the remote control, which allows the viewer to really relax without leaving each time with warm couch to change channels, adjust the volume or turn off the TV.In our time, a new problem.Modern owner of the video and the audio becomes the hostage of competition between the different manufacturers, which are used in wireless systems, special codes that are different from others.Because of this, even a universal remote, if it is not trained, can not control the competitive components.

So what is UPDU?

Universal Remote Control - is a kind of remote control, with which you can manage multiple consumer devices.This product is commercially available under different value depending on its functionality.It is best to buy UPDU with LCD touch screen, which is much easier to control than information.Here we are already pleased himself by buying such an interesting thing, but how to set up a universal remote?


  1. On the panel there is the battery compartment, remove the cover and insert the batteries, observing polarity.Most likely, you will need two AAA member.You need to connect to the grid technique, which want to control via the universal remote control.
  2. To learn how to set up the remote control, is more detailed instruction and technology to find what firms it fits.In the English version, see the section entitled Brand.Write down the codes yourself that you require firms.

You have the choice to set up the remote control either manually or automatically.

Manual Setup

  • Turn on the device you want to control with the help of UPDU.
  • Now simultaneously press the two buttons: SET and TV (these buttons correspond to the AUX, DVD, if desired technique).
  • on the console should light up the LED, and then locate the code of three characters, which corresponds to the brand.
  • enter numbers in order.
  • Observe the algorithm is correct, then the setting is completed and the indicator goes out.

Automatic tuning

Now let's talk about how to set the remote to the TV and other equipment automatically.As with manual tuning, first turn on the microwave, air conditioning, stereo system, etc.Your TV must be turned on any channel, and in the music center and DVD-Player must be inserted into the drive.

  • Universal remote send to the selected appliances, and click two buttons: SET, hold it for a while and command device button.
  • At this time should turn the POWER button, to confirm that the remote is set up.

Of course, the ideal option is when universal remote configures a customer service engineer.But, you can do it yourself if you have the slightest English skills.Read the instructions and perform consistently all the action!

It can be concluded that the universal remote control - is a great invention that allows you to remove the coffee table with a large number of different consoles.They are suitable for absolutely any technology that is in your home, but only after the appropriate settings.