Lowering the car?

Lowering the car?

suspension in the vehicle plays a major role in driving.This device is a connecting link between the body of car and the road surface.In some people, for some reason the car with a small clearance can cause more emotion than with high suspension, despite the fact that most of the low suspension is used exclusively for cars with a sporty character.In this article we will talk about how to lower the car and, as a result, improve control of the vehicle on the road.Very often motorists and simple to install on their cars lower suspension.

How to understate the car

most accessible method can rightly be considered cutting several turns with the established standard spring.Those who do not intend to spend money on the purchase of undervalued springs themselves can cut off the coils springs (within 1.5-3 turns).Such pruning is carried out grinder, a saw for metal.When the machine will fall down, cut in half and remove the coils.Then make cropping bump stop, spring clamp and fixed by installing it through the drilled hole.Such an approach, undoubtedly, will reduce ground clearance, but will not give the desired result and, in the best case, the car will not lose the old control.

second method is to buy special short springs which may be to build a variable coil, or just below the regular, and which are made exclusively for a particular vehicle.Such springs have the required rigidity and height.

Also, opting for air suspension (the most expensive method of raising or lowering auto) or suspension kit with adjustable ground clearance (automatically adjusts damping) you will always have the opportunity to raise (in winter) or lower if necessary (in the summer)your car.

This method is to buy a special kit that includes springs, special shock absorbers bumpers and shock absorbers with a smaller stroke.This approach can be considered optimal in addressing the issue of how to understate the car.The vehicle in this variant is very confident to behave on the road.And for better results and make further setting broad low-profile rubber.

Remember that setting on your car lowest suspension, you will experience a number of inconveniences.The slightest dent on the roadway will be tough given in the body of the car, since underestimating the suspension, you virtually eliminate vertical rocking.Greatly reduce the possibility of the vehicle and passes in the winter time.Increase the wear of steering mechanisms.