How do I set the clock ?

How do I set the clock ?

With the advent of mobile phones, something like that happened, that many have forgotten about wristwatches.An essential and fashionable accessory became a "mobile phone", which was worn on a chain or rope beautiful.However, due to the rapidly developing technological advances, mobile phones have become a necessity and many remembered their favorite watches.This accessory has always been and will remain in vogue.But sometimes you have any, including the wrist to adjust the clock.Consider how to configure watches.

Setting mechanical watches

mechanism of hours has not changed to this day, to turn the time wheel is used.

  • necessary to pull the wheel itself until, until you hear it clicks.This should be done gently, without much effort.
  • Turn the wheel clockwise until until it will expose the exact time.
  • Press the scroll wheel to make it easy to slot included.This also should be done carefully so that the clock is not shifted.
  • To start the clock mechanism, it is necessary to quickly and gently twist the wheel on both sides, the wheel at the same time is in the slot.Too hard to twist the wheel should not be, otherwise you can stretch the spring.Enough to make up to eight partial turnover.

Now you know how to adjust the time on mechanical watches.

Setting digital clock

stylish fashionable electronic watches have many more features and they are not so easy to customize.Therefore, if they are not applied instruction, the task can be daunting.Consider how to set up electronic clock.

  • Simple electronic watch has two buttons.One of them performs the function menu, display of hours, the other - to change the time.First you have to press a button and the screen will flash the numbers that indicate the clock.With the second button, select the numbers we need.Then press the first button will be flashing numbers - minutes.Change the value and again press the first button.Time set.
  • Electronic clock with a lot of buttons, can be a button with which displays the day, month and year, it is also possible the inclusion of the stopwatch.Date set up similar to the time and stopwatch often does not require adjustment.
  • There are electronic watches, which have a number of additional functions.In order to define them, you must first understand how to set the date and time on the clock and then deal with the other functions.The watch can be an alarm clock, thermometer, calendar.One of the buttons will be responsible for a specific function.

Setting quartz

consider how to configure the quartz watch.When setting the time and date in quartz watches need to observe the following rules:

  • front head need to delay.
  • second hand set on the number 12.
  • Rotating front head, you need to set the minute hand.
  • is followed by transfer head to its original position and tighten the way to the right.


It clocks in China, which surprised specialists packaging quality, due to the fact that it was very high for a small price themselves hours.Included with the watch attached cord for charging, a CD with instructions and software, rechargeable batteries and USB charging.To learn how to set up the Chinese clock, you need to read the instructions, otherwise it will be difficult to figure out on their own.In general, the clock create a very good impression.They look great on the hand of an adult and a teenager.With SMS commands from the programming-setting trackers.

Now that you know about how to configure a variety of watch movements.This will allow you to easily deal with them and always know the exact time.We wish you good luck.