How to configure the Yamal ?

How to configure the Yamal ?

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Yamal How to set up?

Satellite TV is now available in many homes.It allows you to view multiple channels, from which the signal is received from different satellites.

Before setting the antenna with the receiver and the TV, it is necessary to assemble and install in the right place, so that the signal was clear and free passage to the receiver and video display quality to be high.

One satellite can simultaneously receive multiple satellite signals, it all depends on the number of antenna head.Let's look at how to set up a satellite dish Yamal.

Instructions for configuring

satellite Yamal - is actually two satellites: Yamal-201 and Yamal-202.The difference between them is that they are located in different planes above the equator.When installing the antenna in order to receive the signal from the satellites Yamal should be noted that the Yamal-201 is set to 90 degrees, while the Yamal-202 at 49 degrees.Also worth noting is that these satellite antenna receives a different set of channels.You can check this information on the Internet that will help you in the selection of the satellite on which you want to configure your tuner.Based on the information received is determined so as to adjust the receiver Yamal.


Before you start setting up again, make sure that the satellite is fitted correctly (if you collected on your own), and installed in the right place.Verify the following:

  1. Do not interfere with the branches of trees or walls of the neighboring houses of the signal passage (this is a big influence on the broadcast channel and may hinder the passage of the signal);
  2. make sure the antenna is clean, not plastered with dust, as it also slows down the signal;
  3. sure the devices are connected correctly (without it neither the receiver nor the antenna will not work).

You will need:

  • satellite,
  • TV,
  • transponder,
  • cables to connect the devices to each other.

Important!Remember that connecting cables to connect devices and they must be in the open form, so first disconnect power.Only after connecting includes all devices into the wall socket and keep the connection procedure.

observing safety precautions, you not only save yourself safe and your device, and has done work on the installation, connection and adjustment of the satellite dish and receiver.

How to set the receiver to the satellite Yamal

For tuner on Yamal satellite you will need: your TV, receiver, remote control receiver, and 10 minutes of free time.

  1. Press the remote button "Menu" - "Setting the antenna."Here we see the menu at the bottom of the signal level and quality of broadcasting, referred to as a percentage to 100%.Perhaps, if the level is too low, you must reposition the antenna or to make sure that nothing interferes with the signal entering on the satellite dish.
  2. Enter the name of the satellite - Yamal.
  3. get down to the line "Frequency", select this setting - 10990 MHz.
  4. next line - "Power LNB».Select the option to "On.".
  5. «Type LNB» is necessary to put the «Universal».The value of its frequency - 9750. We go further down the list of settings.
  6. DiSEqC choose the one that we have used.Accordingly, on the contrary, that is not being used, it is necessary to stand "Off.»
  7. Then press "Channel Search", and then opens a new menu.
  8. Select the type of search channels from a satellite.It may be blind, or other type of advanced search.
  9. descended down the menu, click "Start Search" and wait until the end of the process.
  10. After the channels are found, we can sort them into folders as it is convenient to them to find and view.Searching besides television channels, they will also be found even radio.
  11. save the results.
  12. then turn off the receiver with the remote control and then from the wall outlet (if necessary).If we turn off the tuner directly from the outlet channels found, as well as their order will not be saved.

If the accident occurred on the satellite, it is recommended to change the satellite's frequency to 12612 MHz.Thus, the dish can start working.

Yamal How to set up manually

  1. press on the remote control receiver the yellow button (it is on all modern remote controls).
  2. manually input a value of frequency.
  3. Then should appear the desired signal from the satellite.
  4. Next to search channels, everything should work properly.Of course, if the previous steps have been completed carefully by you.

Now you know how to set up a satellite dish Yamal.As it turned out, to make it not so difficult.To find the proper setup of satellite channels, read the article How to set up satellite channels.