How to connect 2 computers ?

How to connect 2 computers ?

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How to connect 2 computers?

Quite often there is a need to connect two computers.Virtually all modern devices equipped with integrated network card, therefore LAN connection seems obvious way to solve this problem.

Direct connection

computers For this we need two computers with network cards and network cable, crimped on the "crossover" scheme, if the wrong cable crimping, the connection can not be established.

Getting connection:

  1. cable is connected to both computers, does not matter, they are deactivated at the same or included.On network cards near the entrance to the green light (some network cards do not have a color display).
  2. necessary to make sure that both computers are turned on and after the start setting.Drivers for network cards must be pre-installed.
  3. The best way to set up - it is assigned a static IP-address and gateway to each computer.To do this, open the folder "Network Connections" and right-clicking on the icon of the LAN, click "Properties".
  4. In the window that opens, select "TCP / IP Settings" and set the IP-address, for example, - a traditional IP-address, you can set and another, only the last digit of reserve 1.
  5. After select box Gateway - heIt appears automatically and we do not edit.
  6. On the second computer, make the same settings and enter the same IP address as the first, but the last digit of set 2, for example,

Connecting computers via

router If you have a router, its use is quite natural.In the future it can be used to connect additional computers and devices.

  1. Note that in this case the cables must be crimped by "straight" scheme.
  2. When you connect the LAN via a router settings can be transmitted automatically, but usually they should be installed manually.This is done in the same way as in the previous case.Only the IP address you need to identify those that are exhibited in the router settings.In addition to IP addresses and gateways on the computer will enter the DNS-server corresponding IP-address of the router.

To do this, the router must be pre-configured, detailed instructions are usually included with the device.If you do it for some reason is not available, it can be found on the Internet on the name of the specific device.

Setting Working Group

to work in a LAN workgroup name must be the same on all devices.To set up the system properties in the "Computer Name", click "Edit", and in the open window set the same for all computers in the group name and save.

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