How to choose the wheel ?

How to choose the wheel ?

In many countries of the world where it snows in the winter, the government has introduced laws on compulsory use of winter snow tires.For the summer season zhetskih such measures is not provided, but sometimes there are drivers using studded tires in the summer.Like, the summer "dokatat", and in the winter so I will take new ones.Accordingly, in the summer is better to use summer tires.All-season tires are universal and not always acceptable character.In summer, the asphalt is heated therefore tires must be tougher, not to "burn" on the pavement.In winter, in the cold and icy soft rubber is easier to "keep" the road.Let's look at how to choose the wheels.

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First choose seasonality.We have already seen that in the winter - winter, summer - summer.Winter is still divided on the spike and spike.Do not spike the wheels are different lots of sipes in the tread that pozvolet wheel like a sponge "stick" to the road, due to which this type was named in the "Velcro" people.Those who use front wheel drive car in most of them put on the car did not spike wheel.While on the rear wheel drive is still often save a good spike wheel.

Further attention should be paid to the wheel size.To do this, it needs to be correctly read and understand what each figure.Example, 175/65 R14.

The first number tells us the wheel width in millimeters, the second number - a height profile of the wheel as a percentage of its width.Well, the last is the radius of the wheel.What are we all talking about?The wider the tire, the better the car holds the road than have, the better its permeability.The narrow wheel as it cuts the ice.The higher the elevation profile is the softer the car, and correspondingly lower the zhestche.Kazhdy more or less experienced motorist knows at least roughly the dimension of its wheels.If you do not know him so informed the respective plates on the doorway on the driver side.Therefore, we will not really go into the dimension.

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What wheels to choose each driver chooses based on the characteristics of the car, the area where used car, driving style.Sports car more suitable wide and low-profile wheels, as well as those who prefer a fast and aggressive ezdu.Tak how this type of wheels better effect on the car's handling, its obedience, feeling the car driver.Because high profile tends to "break under", which affects the speed and handling.High profile and the relatively narrow wheels suited to most drivers.Someone prefers to put on winter wheels smaller radius, but the higher profile, someone remains in the same size, but changes only seasonally.