3 How to connect the TV ?

3 How to connect the TV ?

Connect the three TV to a single antenna can be a variety of ways.It is recommended to use special prefixes, which digitizes the analog signal.

Necessary equipment and devices

What you need to connect the TV to one of three antenna?

  1. antenna.
  2. TV.
  3. Cable splitter subscriber household.Or, as it is simply called - CRAB.It has three exits (which will be used to connect TV), as well as one entry - for connecting an antenna or other intermediate consoles.

Choice Crab

First I must say that the CRAB is necessary also to choose the right.Thus, most modern cable operators use high-frequency channels (they are in the UHF band).A self-connect to it can not everyone splitter.Therefore, it is necessary to pre-determine which frequency band supports the device and buy the device depending on this.


Consider the most common way to connect 3 TV.

use the following procedure: Antenna - splitter - TVs.First the antenna itself, then it is set close to the hub (it is important to have enough cable length to connect).Already from him with cables necessary to connect your TV (cables pre-installed on the antenna plugs).

Attention!Plugs to connect to the TV is not necessary, so you can get an electric shock!

Connecting cables to Krabi

Connect cables to the crabs should be based on what kind of connectors provides its construction.

  1. cables can be connected by conventional connectors.
  2. Cables can be soldered.To do this, remove the top cover of crabs produced soldering central conductors and cable sheaths to special pads.
  3. If CRAB German, connection takes place via a screw jack.So in this case, the nut on the cable fits in advance, then the connection is made, and only then the nut is twisted.

Other connection options

There are several ways to connect your TV to 3 single antenna.

  1. If you want to connect a parallel analog channel to digital converter, for this it is necessary to connect two televisions in the normal way, and the third connector to attach Crab another splitter.To this one has to connect the TV and the converter (which is also connected to one of the TV).For information on how to connect the 2nd television, read our article - How do I connect a second TV.
  2. If you want a digital signal to only one TV, for this it is necessary to use a set-top box with built-in RF modulator.STB is connected to an antenna to it - splitter on all TVs.To one TV via a set-top box with an HDMI will be fed a digital signal.