How to choose the light alloy wheels ?

How to choose the light alloy wheels ?

If you want to improve the quality design of the car, to make it stand out from the rest, the optimal choice - add a small and relatively low-cost item.

It will focus on the following legkoplavnyh drives - namely cast.

Benefits alloy wheels

legkoplavnyh This type of disc can be cast from aluminum or magnesium alloys.The latter option is used mainly for the sports car - it is much rarer.

What are the advantages of alloy wheels?First of all - they win in terms of weight.Alloy wheels to 40 percent lighter than steel.This reduces the load on the vehicle suspension and simplifies management of and movement.

What other benefits can be distinguished from the alloy wheels?They are:

  • great wash;
  • not require caps;
  • not covered with rust.

deserves special attention their appearance - alloy wheels are an ornament of any profitable cars.Due to the many aesthetic choices made in their favor.

What are the disadvantages of these drives?Because of the casting and subsequent processing, they acquire a granular structure, becoming brittle.Especially capricious magnesium alloy wheels - they do not have sufficient impact resistance, micro-cracks and accumulate quickly crack, although the most lightweight.

In what situations is better to choose other disks instead of the cast?If you are - beginner, and a few more awkward on the road, then you should refrain from alloy wheels.Frequent potholes and pits on bad roads too good reason to make a choice in favor of a different material.

In winter it is recommended to be careful in the use of alloy wheels as ice and reagents on the roads can quickly bring them into disrepair.

How to choose the right wheels?

First of all, make your choice based on personal preferences.Alloy wheels are the perfect adornment car and must be combined with a common mode of transport.However important and specifications.

Mounting diameter disc

Ideally, it corresponds to the inner diameter of the tire.You can select a slightly larger disk, provided that it so low-profile tires - wheels give it solidity.

Number of mounting holes and the size of PCD

These are important parameters that must be taken into account, making the purchase.It is important that the disc came to the original and had no problems with its installation.Therefore, the number of mounting holes, the diameters of their centers (PCD) must match exactly the same on the original disk - see the data in the manual car.

Maximum load

This parameter is very important to calculate, because if the load is excessive, wheels just fall apart.For the independent calculation should take 60 percent of the weight of cars and divide by two.Based on the results, select the appropriate cast disk.If you have difficulty, contact the specialists from whom you want to pick up the wheels.

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