How to choose the tires?

How to choose the tires?

stopping distance of any car is largely determined by the coefficient of adhesion road surface and tires.Therefore, a properly fitted tires increase the safety and comfort of travel.Some people try to save money and buy cheap tires.But low-quality and properly selected tires increase the braking distance and the car often gets into a small accident.As a result, owners have to change something broken lights, the polishing scratches on the bumper or to straighten a dent on the wing.But all this is not cheap!So the savings on tire turns further high material costs.Therefore, every car owner should know how to choose the bus, you should pay special attention.

How to choose tires: tire types

In order to choose the right tires, you must first specify which type of tires is necessary for you.Currently, there are all-season high-speed, high-speed, all-season tires and road types.

for road paved highway tire designed.They are great for driving on dry or wet roads, but due to the low coupling properties can not be used in the winter on snow or ice.

season tires differentiates a good coefficient of adhesion to the road surface and high wear resistance of the tread.Thanks to these qualities, all-season tires can be used for travel at any time of the year.They provide an equally good car handling on dry, wet or snow-covered road.

-speed tires provide enhanced driveability due to the high coefficient of friction with the road surface.However, they provide little comfort when driving, and wear faster than other types of tires.

All-season high-speed bus can be used throughout the year.These tires are suitable for those who like fast driving and not going to abandon this style of driving, even on snowy roads.They have appeared recently, but have already gained popularity among motorists in the market.

How to choose the right tires

Even on the same machine, the manufacturer recommends installing tires of different sizes, the choice of which is determined by the following factors:

  1. drives installed in your car (iron discs have a smaller diameter than that of the discs from aluminum alloys);
  2. Season;
  3. engine power.

should stop your choice on the tires, the sizes of which recommends the manufacturer for your vehicle.Among them are wide and narrow tires.Their choice is now determined by financial capabilities and personal preferences of a motorist.It is believed that the faster and more powerful car, the wider tires should be chosen for it.

How to choose a summer tires

to manufacture winter and summer tires, various grades of rubber.Winter tires are made of rubber of high rigidity.This is because under the influence of high temperature rubber is softened, and if the summer tires are made of soft rubber, they will lose their performance.So for each season, the car must have their tires as his shoe holder.

Many drivers who understand that the quality of the tires depends on their safety while driving, think not only about how to choose winter tires, but also about how to choose a summer tires.

When choosing summer tires should pay particular attention to the tread pattern.It is best to give their preference for tires with an asymmetrical design and the presence of special grooves.These tires are marked «Aqua» or «Rein» and are ideal for wet road cloth.If in your area the summer rains are rare, it is possible to buy summer tires, optimized for dry asphalt.Usually they have a V- shaped tread pattern.

Reflecting on how to choose a summer tires should think about their characteristics such as price, the coefficient of adhesion with the road (determines the length of the braking distance), noise, durability and manageability (determined by the tire width).