How to connect BBK?

How to connect BBK?

If you want to listen to music in good sound on your computer (and this is not a suitable speaker system), you can connect it to a home theater system.

equipment and accessories that you may need if you want to connect your home theater directly

  1. cinema equipment with the speaker system.
  2. computer with a modern sound cards and motherboard.
  3. wire.Its connectors on one side - the tulip, on the other - as a plug for headphones.

bbk How to connect to your computer: Method 1

important point: the acoustics in this case directly connected to the video card will not work.Since you may need a special cable.However, in this case it is necessary to use an amplifier, which will replace the theater itself.With wire assembly "tulip" and "plug" connected to the amplifier and sound card on the one hand and the amplifier and the other computer.Speakers will also be connected to the cinema.If desired, you can use an active subwoofer amplifier.

  1. At the beginning of the wire connector, which is called "tulip", must be connected to a computer sound card.«Out» is used for this connection.
  2. Other side wires (red and white) must be connected to the player himself (theater) in the corresponding color connectors.Connection here is not important, it is important to connect the wires.Otherwise, the sound will not play.
  3. Then connect the speakers to the player.To do this, we must also use special connectors (they are marked with a special icon).
  4. Next on the computer have to configure the sound card.To do this, you must select the settings that correspond to the number of columns.For example, 6SH Speaker 6 columns.Also it is necessary to choose the right connection.It will not be a microphone and headphones.
  5. Cinema will switch into a power outlet.
  6. necessary to properly configure itself cinema - or rather, to find the right channel audio output.The desired sound level is also selected at the movie theater.

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second way

There is still some way to connect to a computer bbk cinema.It is said that it is more correct from a technical point of view.Yet, the first method is not less safe and will not harm either the computer or the cinema.In this case, you must have a special connector, which is called «S / PDIF Out».

It also must be pre-reserved by the respective digital audio.The very process of connection is fairly simple: one side of the cable connects directly to the graphics card through a connector S / PDIF Out.The second side of the cable plugs into the cinema.Further, all performed as described in the first method.

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