How to store tires ?

How to store tires ?

known that replacement wheels need to be properly stored, so they can be used when it's a new season.Let's talk about how to keep the tires properly.

Rules storage of winter and summer tires

There are some basic principles which should adhere to.Firstly, it is necessary to strictly observe the humidity and temperature conditions in the room where tires are stored.Secondly, it is very important position, which contains the tire.Consider the basic rules of how to keep the rubber.

  • The first thing you need to remember - mark the location of the tire on the car.If directional tread and tire themselves on discs, it may be noted only the front and rear axles.If not, then each tire and its location can be marked by a cap that can be hung on the spool.
  • Do not forget to wash and clean the tires immediately after their withdrawal.Furthermore, they must be dried.Remove the small stones and sand from the tires.Also, they can be treated with a special mixture for conservation (ask at the store).Care should be taken to implement this recommendation, since any contamination quickly spoil the tire and the battery life is greatly reduced.
  • store or not to store tires in PE?It is worth remembering that in the case of storage of winter studded tires or tires with wheels plastic bag can not be tightly closed.It is best not to store winter tires so.
  • Keep tires outside somewhere on the street is not worth it.It does not matter whether you are going to keep the tires on the drive or to store tires without disks - as a result you will get unfit for use tires.
  • Keep tires in a dark and dry place with no direct access to sunlight.The air temperature must be kept within 20-25 C, not more.
  • Before you prepare the tires for next winter or summer, make sure that the clean room (do not have a lot of dust and sand).The internal temperature should not vary greatly, as this leads to condensation, which adversely affect the condition of the tires.Why so much attention should be paid to the room?The fact that the drying of the tire (the temperature above 25 degrees) microcracks appear on it, which can lead to rupture of the tire during driving.Most often, these cracks not visible to the naked eye.tire storage conditions directly affect the safety of the car.

Storage Designated

Typically, motorists have experienced as a place for storage of tires is selected clean and dry cellars, brick garage, storage rooms in the apartments.

Where to store the tires are not recommended?Metal garages, Open balconies, attics, barns and other farm buildings are not suitable for storage of tires.Strongly recommend storing tires outdoors, including under a canopy.

And a few words about keeping the tires on the drive without them.If you're shooting without a set of disks, tires should be stored in an upright position (one lid fits snugly to the other).If you change all the wheel assembly, then they should be put horizontally (the wheel on the wheel).