How to store tires?

How to store tires?

question of how to keep the tire becomes especially important twice a year - in anticipation of winter and the arrival of spring.In order not to be faced with an unpleasant surprise at the time, when it's time to once again "change smb.'s Shoes," the car kit removable rubber is necessary to ensure certain conditions of storage during the seasonal downtime.

How to store tires: tips

course, keep car wheels are much better and more convenient assembled, but, alas, not every Russian motorist can afford the purchase of a second set of quality wheels, so something and falls during the seasonreplacement of rubber razbortirovyvat kolecha continue to store tires separately.

How to store tires without disks

  • Tyres in any case not be stored outdoors or under a canopy.In this improperly stored tires quickly crack and lose strength.
  • Keep car tires should be in a room where there are no sudden changes in temperature.This will avoid the formation of condensation on the tires, under the influence of which the tire is destroyed.
  • room for storing the tires, should be clean, dry and dark, the temperature in it should not be above 25 * C.
  • During storage, the tire should not be exposed to direct sunlight.Tires also should be kept away from heating appliances.

Based on the foregoing, the ideal place for storage of tires is a heated brick garage, clean and dry cellar or basement or home pantry in the house or apartment.

How to store tires wheels

  1. Before laying the tire on the long-term storage, they must be removed from disks.You can do this yourself or tire shop.Before razbortirovkoy colored nipple caps to mark each tire and write down what they stood on the wheel, and in which direction.
  2. After removal, wash the tires well.Under running water using a large brush to remove them all nasohshuyu dirt and small gravel stuck in the grooves of the tread.Then dry tires (not the sun) and treat them with a special tool designed to conserve tires.
  3. vertically in a row, leaning against one to the other, set tires on a wooden shelf or pallet, elevated above the floor.During the storage every two weeks, turn all the tires on the tenth ode turnover to ensure that they do not deform under its own weight and kept perfectly round shape.After rotating the tires, always check the installation - they must stand vertically.When
  4. emergency bus can be kept in suspension, but to do this is highly undesirable, since the inner edge of the tire at the point of contact with the hook may be deformed.

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