How to Set Up Smart TV Samsung ?

How to Set Up Smart TV Samsung ?

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How to configure Smart TV Samsung?

Samsung TV with Smart TV function today are perhaps the most popular among peers.Meanwhile, many people lost in the Smart TV preferences and no wonder, because the Smart TV setup on your Samsung TV has its own characteristics.Compared with peers Samsung TVs set up harder.In this article we look at how to configure the smart TV Samsung, with special attention in the article is paid to the choice of connection.

Selecting connection

First you need to determine the type of connection.At the moment there are two main types of TV connections.Namely, a connection through cable or by means of Wi-Fi.Some TVs allow you to use both versions of connection.This feature is useful for situations when you need to use an additional connection type.

note that most experts recommend to connect the TV to a cable connection.So exactly how he is able to provide fast and stable internet connection.Moreover, cable television rate should be at least 5 megabits.Otherwise, the image may hang.

Those who do not want to use the cable because of the relative inconvenience of this method of connection is to choose the Wi-Fi-router.However, today's routers have not only the ability to distribute a stable signal, but also a high level of protection from interference.

connection process

First, consider the way you connect with a cable.Note that the cable is usually purchased separately.To connect the cable, it is recommended to use an intermediate router.With this you can connect several devices to the TV.

Next, you will find using the "Network" menu of the console remote control, then you need to go to the "Network Settings".All configuration smart tv on the Samsung TV automatically.

Now consider how to configure Smart TV via Wi-Fi.To do this, you can use the program.This program is suitable for setting different series smart tv Samsung TV.

  1. Install the program and run the Run as administrator (make sure the computer is connected to the router).
  2. Next, check in the auto-detection field to the device address was type 192.168.1.x.
  3. Now copy the channel list at this link.
  4. Then use the remote control and press the "Start" button.After click Smart.
  5. Now press the red letter A.
  6. Create an account and enter its name - develop.Assign a password.Sign in to your account.
  7. Now go to "Tools" (tools), then "Network Settings" and "IP Settings".
  8. remains to enter ip-address, which was specified in the program and synchronize.To do this, exit the menu and go to "Settings".Go to "Network Folder 2" and re-enter the address.
  9. Select "Sync IPTV".All is ready.You can enjoy your Smart TV.

Perhaps you will have difficulty connecting the modem to a TV.You will article How to connect the modem to a TV.