How to connect the Jabra ?

How to connect the Jabra ?

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How to connect the Jabra?

Bluetooth Headset - very handy device that allows you to talk on the phone without using their hands.The most popular Jabra Headsets today - they are robust and at the same time inexpensive.This article will talk about the features of this headset, as well as on how to connect to the Jabra phone.

Options Jabra

Jabra headset can simultaneously receive multiple calls and manage them, including - hold call and switch between the active and held call.In addition, the Jabra supports voice commands and allows you to quickly make a call to the last number dialed.Turn on the headset

  1. Set the switch to On. / Off.On.
  2. Insert the headset into the ear.
  3. Press the answer / end button and hold it down until flashes blue Bluetooth indicator and you hear the sound notification of pairing mode, the headset
  4. Follow the voice prompts to set up.

Connecting your phone to the headset

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and start the search for available devices.
  2. when it detects network headset, select it and enter the password you specified in the documentation for the headset.Usually, this is four zeros, but the combination may vary depending on the specific model.
  3. Wait 15-30 seconds, the connection has to take place.


Remember that sets the radius of action - 30 meters, do not keep away from the phone while talking to a greater distance.In addition, if you hear a noise in the headset during a call, try to get closer to the phone.If the phone is already close to the maximum radius, the problem most likely lies in the inadequate quality of the signal carrier.

Jabra Assist

Jabra Assist - this is a special application for smartphones, which helps manage the headset provides a GPS-tracking headset helps when trying to establish a connection between the headset and a handheld device, etc.

application can be downloaded from Google Play for devices running on the Android platform, and in the App Store for iOS-devices.


Turn off the headset when not in use to avoid rapid discharge.The headset is charging about 2 hours from the network.Avoid excessive heat and exposure Jabra - it can adversely affect the overall health of the battery and the headset.

Do not forget that the headset - is not only convenient, but also safe, especially if we talk about the car drivers who simply can not refuse to talk on the phone, even while driving.

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