How to build a wheel ?

How to build a wheel ?

not once faced, and still would face drivers with the problem of "flat tire."Typically, this problem falls on you, most often in the morning.I hasten to work, no time and then a flat tire.Inflate experienced driver, yes, even having an electric compressor, no problem.But for beginners, I explain in detail the procedure.

How to build a wheel?To take this compressor.From it there is a thin wire and a cylindrical tip.His we connect to the cigarette lighter.Then unscrew the cap and put on him a rubber hose with nakfonechnikom the way down, and the plastic handle is rotated 90 degrees.If you did everything correctly on the gauge, you can see how many atmospheres at the wheel.Inflate necessary to the required level of the atmosphere, but it's different for each vehicle.This is necessary to know the value beforehand.Recent Activity.Aligns the plastic handle, remove compressor, spin the wheel cap back on, switch off the pump from the cigarette lighter, turn and remove into the trunk.

How to pump up the wheel?What is hidden in these words?pressure - only one word inherent in these words.This value is calculated for each car separately to ensure good movement characteristics, ease of management, extend tire life and load capacity.For this indicator the driver must monitor on a regular basis, especially to check if you are going on a trip.Always gives the upper and lower pressure readings.It is very closely match these data differently:

  • If you exceed this figure may deteriorate smoothness, form dents or damaged tire, contribute to the rapid deterioration of the middle part of the tread;
  • under reduced pressure can squeal the tires when you turn the machine, making it difficult steering, very fast, but uneven wear, especially on the edges of the tread, form various dents and tears tires rim or tire cord, creating a relatively high temperature in the tire;
  • When uneven pressure in the four wheels, is also very bad for the car.Maybe unequal braking at the wheel, leading to side-steering or even worsen controllability of the car, especially evident during acceleration or during acceleration.

How to build a wheel stroller?It does not make any difficulties.You just need to find a pump that comes with the stroller.If it is not supplied, then fit a simple pump of the bicycle.Unscrew the cap, cheat pump hose pumped by hand, remove the hose, and fasten the cap.That's all.

But there are situations when it is necessary to pump wheel and the pump no.How to build a wheel without a pump?Fairly quickly, but this procedure, you should be as careful to follow all safety precautions.We will approach gasoline, natural gas, any spray, alcohol, deodorant or hairspray.Injects a bit of the substance inside the wheel and ignite.Wheel in order, you can go.