How to connect the LG Smart TV?

How to connect the LG Smart TV?

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How to connect the LG Smart TV?

Progress does not stand still: there are new technologies that make the user experience more convenient technical devices.LG brand LCD Smart TV function (which literally translates as "smart TV") a vivid example.With built-in option, you have access to a global network directly from your TV.In addition, the connection to the ordinary TV owners "smart" TV has to nothing: movies, TV shows and transfer can be viewed directly from the Internet.

How to connect your TV LG Smartv TV to the computer

The easiest way to connect the TV and the computer is the use of wires.Inputs / outputs on the rear panel may be different depending on the TV model.Typically, the LG brand TVs with Smart TV function has the following inputs / outputs - HDMI, composite video ( "Bells", the RCA connector), component video ( "Bells", the YPbPr standard).

best to connect devices through the HDMI-cable, as in the case of the "bells," the quality of the transmitted signals (video, audio) much worse.Furthermore, there is an abundance of wires.True HDMI cable is often not available in the configuration, so the wire will need to purchase in a specialty store.

Some TVs also support DVI inputs, SCART.

connection technique is simple - you need to connect the TV and the computer cable through the appropriate connectors.Then, go to the TV's settings and select the connection type.

If your computer does not have the entrance similar to the input of the TV, then you must use the combined cable types (for example, if the computer has only VGA input, then the problem is solved through a VGA-HDMI cable).Moreover, in commercially available converters special adapters that can convert video and audio signals.

How to connect your TV LG Smartv TV Internet

To use the possibilities of Smart TV features, TV connection is required to the network through a router (which is allowed as cable and wireless).

Cable connection

  1. Connect the router to the TV using a network cable.The connection is via LAN-connector devices.
  2. on control of the TV, press "Home" button (the transition to the Smart-menu) and go to "Settings".
  3. Next, select the tab "Network" and click on the "Network Setup: wired."
  4. Usually the connection is established via the automatic settings.(In case you need to enter the IP and DNS addresses, then select "Manual Setup" and enter the address).
  5. Click the "OK" button.

Wireless connection (via Wi-Fi)

  1. on control of the TV, press "Home" button (the transition to the Smart-menu) and go to "Settings".
  2. Next, select the tab "Network" and click on the "Network Setup Wireless."
  3. then decide the type of connection (using the type of the AP, if you know the network name and password; WPS mode assumes (WPS) configuration via a single button, but in this case the function should maintain and router; Ad-hoc lets PC and TV connectiondirectly, but without access to the network).

connection through an access point (AP)

  1. Select from the list the name of your network (in the case of a hidden network settings, click on the item "Enter a new SSID" and write the name of the network with the help of remote control).
  2. Next, you need to enter the password (if network is secure).
  3. Click "OK" and wait for the result of the connection.

Connection via WPS

  1. Turn the WPS mode from the TV network settings.
  2. then hold the WPS button on the router (no more than 5 seconds, otherwise the risk to reset).
  3. Wait for connection of devices.Result
  4. connection appears on the TV screen.

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