How to connect the DVB-T2?

How to connect the DVB-T2?

When there is a new level of data quality, was launched Digital DVB-T2 TV network.Digital TV provides high quality images and excellent signal transmission.But in order to set up a connection to the network, you need to have the necessary knowledge to choose the right receiver and set it up well.

How to connect the T2 module and configure it, to be discussed below.

How to connect the console to the TV T2

T2 tuner connected to the TV easily enough.If you have had the experience of connecting players, antennas and other devices to your TV, then connect the receiver labor will not make.

antenna is connected to the receiver, and connect the wires to the TV from it.This can be done using standard cables HDMI, «tulip" or SCART.Most importantly, it does not have to pay for a challenge to master.However, if the master is free to connect the console to the TV, you should give him a deal.

How to connect the DVB-T2 set-top box to the TV without

To connect the TV directly to the DVB-T2 network without buying a receiver, can be purchased directly from the TV tuner built-in DVB-T2.This saves space, time and costs.In addition to control T2 channels can be a remote control on the TV at the time, as the receiver will be two panel.

Today, almost all LCD TVs have built-in tuner for easy connectivity.Simply insert the antenna in the right slot.

How to configure DVB-T2 receiver via

After installation and connection of the receiver must be configured channels.To do this, perform simple actions:

  • go in the set-top box menu.
  • Click "Quick Setup".
  • If the default is a different country, then set "Russian."«DVB T2»
  • then need to select the mandatory standards.Often standing in a field DVB standard T / DVB T2, which causes the receiver searches for quality DVB channels T and only then DVB T2.We also need to DVB T2 and its excellent quality.
  • Then click "Auto Setup" and everything is done automatically.
  • After finding the channels, you can also see detailed information on the connection quality by clicking the "Info".

Thus, you can set the receiver to receive all relevant channels.But not always setup runs smoothly.Sometimes, there are problems.

What if DVB T2 setting occurs

There are several options, why there is no adjustment:

  • problem in the receiver;
  • problem in the antenna;
  • problem on TV.

To get started, try to make the setting with another antenna.If you work, then the problem of the antenna, and if not - to blame the receiver.

If the antenna is guilty, then that will only be a specialist.If the receiver, then there are several possible options.First, the receiver may have the wrong firmware.Then you need to reflash the console.To do this, go to the manufacturer's website, download the new firmware, write down on a flash drive and insert it into the receiver.He upgraded and the problem persists.

If the firmware update fails, then it's most likely in electronics.In this case it is better to pass the prefix to the service or change the warranty.

You can also check the television itself.To do this, use the console to another TV, and if it works, then the case could be in the TV settings.In this case, contact the manufacturer company.There you will be able to tell you how to properly install the TV settings to connect the receiver.

How to choose a prefix for DVB-T2

Selecting a sufficiently large among receivers.Here are the most popular receivers are encouraged to buy:

  • Trimax TR-2012HD
  • Strong SRT-8500
  • Strong SRT-8502
  • Thomson THT702
  • Trimax TR-2012HD PVR (TR-2013HD PVR)

Their priceIt starts from 1000 rubles and more depending on the features.The more expensive receivers More tweaks, better signal reception, more different inputs for connecting additional devices, and they are faster.Compared prefixes satellite, DVB-T2 receiver is inexpensive.

You can also go to any store technology and there, on the spot, choose a new receiver, in consultation with a specialist.