How to connect your Samsung to your computer ?

How to connect your Samsung to your computer ?

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How to connect Samsung to your computer?

Often Samsung smartphone owners want to back preservation of the contacts from your phone to update the firmware or download various media files.To do this, you must connect your smartphone to your computer.Next, consider how to do it.

Connections Samsung PC

The first step is to download and install a program called Samsung Kies.It is freely available, it is recommended to download the official website at this link - / KIES /.Next, you need to act according to these instructions:

  1. Click on the Samsung Kies icon of the left mouse button to start the installation process.
  2. first need to select the language for the application among the list.You will need to find in it a "Russian" to the software functionality was you in the future as much as possible is understandable.
  3. program displays a message - you will need to read the license agreement, if you agree tick the "I accept all the conditions."
  4. further need to put a tick against the item "Unified Driver Installer", and then start the installation.
  5. When the Setup process is completed, a window appears, where the items need to note a tick "Create desktop shortcut" (it will allow you to quickly launch Samsung Kies software on your computer) and "Launch Application".
  6. When the program is loaded, just go to the main menu and there select "Tools" and then "Settings".In the window that opens, you may want to change the location of the service folders, as it will automatically appear on the system drive.You will need to click on the button "Browse" and choose any other place, for example, drive D.
  7. Now take the USB-cable, which always comes to the Samsung smartphones, and set one end to the special connector on the phone, and the second - in theUSB-port on the computer.
  8. Then you can use all the functionality that offers the program Samsung Kies.

Copy contacts

to migrate contacts from your smartphone to your PC need to go to the "Backing up and restoring data" section.Then you need to click on "Select all items", and then "Backup".Within 10-20 seconds, all contacts will be transferred to your computer in a separate file.

firmware to your phone always worked correctly, it is important to promptly update the firmware in it.In this program you will also help Samsung Kies.After downloading it automatically offers to update the firmware, if the network has a new version.You will only click on "OK" and choose the model of your device.But it is important to do a firmware update is always a backup of all files and contacts, as yet there is little likelihood of their losses.

Transfer media files

Transferring multimedia files via Samsung Kies software takes place at the main menu of the application.For example, if you want to throw on the PC images, you need to select "Photos" section and in front of you at once will see all the photos you have on your machine.If you need to recharge your smartphone gallery of photos from the computer, you will need to find the necessary and then click the left mouse button.A context menu, where you will select the "Send to Samsung».To work with the other media files, select the relevant sections of the program Samsung Kies.

Download games and programs

If you need to recharge your smartphone new applications or games, then this will help a special feature in the program.«Samsung Apps» need to select the main menu.After that you will see a list of various applications and games.You can download them to your smartphone for free and without any restrictions.It becomes very simple: select the desired program or game, and then click on the "Download" button.

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