How to Connect WiFi to LG?

How to Connect WiFi to LG?

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How to Connect WiFi to LG?

Most brand LG TV models have access to the Internet with Smart platform.In addition to the direct connection of the TV to the cable can be configured to connect through a router and surf the Internet via Wi-Fi.

advantage of connection through the router is that go into the global network may simultaneously from different devices.

How to connect to the Wi-Fi TV LG

To connect the LG brand TV to Wi-Fi, the TV must be embedded Wi-Fi module.If the module is missing, you need to purchase Wi-Fi adapter.

Many vendors (including LG) producing branded adapters to connect to Wi-Fi.Conventional USB-adapter (such as TP-Link, D-Link) simply does not work on TV.

Following the link you can see, it looks like the device.Note that the price several times higher than conventional adapters for the computer.

  1. Find the instructions on the TV, if available in your model, integrated Wi-Fi module.If yes, proceed to step two.If not, connect the Wi-Fi adapter to your TV via USB-connector;
  2. Then go to the network settings of the TV, and select the "Network Setup Wireless" by pressing the remote control "OK" button;
  3. Next on the screen there will be three ways to connect:
    • "Setting from the list of access points (APs)."Choose the way to connect to, if you know the name of your home Wi-Fi network and password.
    • "Easy Setup (WPS-button mode)."This connection method should be chosen if your router supports WPS mode (in this case the device is WPS button).Choose the tab on the TV screen and press the button on your router (with your finger for 10 seconds).Next will automatically configure the network.
    • "Network Setup (Ad-hoc)".This type of connection allows you to connect your TV to a computer without Internet access.

Accordingly, if you chose the second and third type of connection, the devices configure automatically.If you chose the first method, the instructions read on:

  • select the tab "Settings in the list of access points (APs)," you will see a list of all the networks available at the point of installation of the TV.Select the name of your network;
  • In the case of a hidden network, you must select the tab "Enter a new SSID" and enter the name of your network manually typing the characters on the remote control from the TV;
  • If necessary, a password is required, as typing characters on the remote;
  • Then check the settings of the TV and displays a message about connecting the TV to a Wi-Fi network.

The router can be connected to the TV wirelessly, not only, but also using a cable.

wired connection to the router

consider how to connect the LG brand TV to a router by cable.Moreover, we note that wired connection is more reliable, although it has a drawback - the presence of wires.

  • Connect a network cable from the LAN-connector, which is on the back of the TV, and plug the router;
  • Press on the remote on the TV the "Home" tab and select "Settings";
  • Then go to "Network" tab and select "Network Setup: Wired";
  • In most cases, network configuration is performed automatically;
  • If you will need to register the IP and DNS addresses, then select the "Manual IP configuration" and enter the address by typing the characters on the remote control;
  • Then click "OK" button;
  • TV will check the settings and displays a message about connecting the TV to the network.

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