How to connect your bluetooth headphones ?

How to connect your bluetooth headphones ?

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How to connect bluetooth headphones?

Wireless headphones that have a connection via bluetooth device such as a phone or laptop, are becoming increasingly popular, as they are versatile and extremely comfortable.Their advantage will evaluate each: they can move freely anywhere, not limited to long wires, because it is not at all.

Besides regular wired headphones are often confused and wire can interfere with and engage the surrounding objects.Listening to music is much more comfortable to listen to it in the Bluetooth headset, and today we'll show you how to connect to the phone, a computer and a laptop.

How do I connect the headphones to a laptop computer and

  1. So, you have purchased a headset and want to connect them to a laptop or PC.First you need to install the drivers on the PC, which are included with the headphones.Insert the installation disc, select DriverInstall and click "Next" and "Install".
  2. Turn on headphones and select "Bluetooth Setup Wizard", which will appear on the monitor.Click mouse button to click "I want to find a specific Bluetooth devise" and click "Next".Then you need to wait for the PC and headphones will see each other, then right-click the bluetooth device.
  3. When the connection is established, turn on the headphones, adjust them as you need, and then they can be used.

Sometimes you need to go to Start, select "Devices and Printers" and click "Add device".The manual that comes with headphones, written code that you may need, if it asks for a PC or laptop.

Keep in mind that creating a connection via bluetooth can be used only if your computer or laptop has bluetooth-transmitter.If all modern laptops already come with them, the computer need to purchase an external bluetooth-transmitter that connects to it via usb-entry.

How to connect a wireless headset to the phone

  1. to start activate Bluetooth on your phone and headphones.
  2. find using the phone all Bluetooth devices that are close to and select Bluetooth headphones.Phone detects headphones and will bring them to your list.
  3. Sometimes you need to enter a password, which is often the case in this 0000, and if does not work, try entering 1234 or 12345.
  4. So, the connection is established, you can use headphones.

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