How to connect a buffer ?

How to connect a buffer ?

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How to connect a buffer?

If you want the car to listen to higher quality, clean and crisp sound, the radio can be connected to the subwoofer.In order to understand how to connect a buffer, you must know that there are different kinds of subs.

Types sab

So subwoofers are of two types:

  1. passive (requires amplifier).
  2. Active (in the amplifier is not needed).

connection methods will also be different.

Tools List of tools that may be needed during the work:

  1. amplifier (if connected a passive subwoofer).
  2. speaker cable.
  3. wrench.
  4. Cutters.
  5. set of wrenches.
  6. knife wire stripper.
  7. pliers.

diagram how to connect the buffer

Connecting an active subwoofer

To do this, follow some fairly simple steps (in this case, the amplifier is built into the system, and it is not necessary to connect separately):

  1. First you have to get the car out of the socketwhere it is located.It is also necessary to find two inputs.
  2. With linear wire should be connected to the main subwoofer unit.
  3. To avoid feeding problems, it is necessary from the battery (its positive terminal) wire to stretch the buffer.
  4. Then we must not forget to set the fuse.The perfect place for it - next to the battery.Separately
  5. also recommended to install a capacitor to power the subwoofer (since low frequencies can create an additional burden with which the system can not cope).Connect it to a power supply chain saba.
  6. further configured already own speaker system.

Connecting passive buffer

  1. subwoofer is connected to the amplifier using the speaker cables.
  2. From the radio to the amplifier signal to be transmitted by means of a double cable (at the ends must be installed "tulip" connectors).
  3. Wiring: "+" is pulled through the power from the battery through the interior;"-" Should be connected to the mount.It can be any bolt on vehicle (before connecting bolt is best to clean up).
  4. Thin postings, which will include an amplifier while turning the radio is connected to the "+".Most often it is blue.


During all work, the battery must be disconnected (previously necessary to remove the battery terminal).Start work best with a power wire (most often it is closed with a rubber seal), which will have to reach the salon from under bonnet space.It was only after a thorough check of all connections, you can connect the red battery cable.

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