How to connect your TV to the Internet?

How to connect your TV to the Internet?

Now, most people are not used to buy movies, TV shows or TV shows on hard media, and to download, take in rent or buy them online.Of course, sometimes the viewing of such films can be quite difficult.Surely you've seen cases where the film has not been read format on the TV or when the TV was missing just a plug to USB-drive.What is already talking about the troubles that occur when copying a movie on "the stick".All these problems can be easily solved if you understand how to connect your TV through the internet.How to implement and we consider this operation on.

Internet Connect to the TV Samsung

In modern models of Samsung TVs are almost always there is the possibility to connect them to the Internet.Some of them even present integrated Wi-Fi adapter.If this adapter is present - it does not even need a separate USB-adapter to connect to a wireless network.You can also use the most familiar way - the power cord.Setting up of the connection is fairly simple thanks to the Samsung Smart TV program shell:

  1. To begin, enter the menu the general settings of the TV.
  2. Go to the "Network" section.
  3. Now select "Network Settings" (specify the type of connection, if necessary).
  4. you have the opportunity to select one of the available networks.
  5. Select the desired network, and wait until the end connection.
  6. you are online!

Setting any kind of connection is made by a similar algorithm.On the TVs from other companies similar adjustments are made.

But what if you need to connect your TV to the Internet, and there are no required connector, or he just does not support connecting to the network?

Internet connection old TV

If your TV does not have direct control over the online release, you can use special media players.Now on the market a variety of categories distinguished media players.


media players Media players in this category differ simple functions, small size and nice price.Often, these players are not subject to "upgrade", and they lack the ability to increase storage space.A good representative of this category is the player Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player.Two USB ports, all types of output, the ability to connect an external HDD-disk, support UPnP protocol (mediaplerom control using your iPhone or iPad) - all of these features in a device that costs less than $ 100, look extremely attractive.Unfortunately, to save the rates had to sacrifice the ability to play Blue-ray, DTS-HD, and Dolby True HD video.

Media Players middle class

One of the most successful mediaplerov this category of users find the ASUS O!Play Gallery.For $ 200 you buy the ability to connect a wide variety of data storage, convenient operation with wireless networks, support for HD video extension (Blue-ray and Dolby True HD).In fact, this player has the same features as his brothers of the premium.The only thing for which he blamed the manufacturer users - a rather unusual setting menu and sometimes slow work.

Premium media players

This category includes players with the highest price and with incredible features.Premium media players almost always have the opportunity to expand and "upgrade".They are easy to cope with video files in any format.Bright representative of this category - media player Dune HD Max.Its price - $ 450.

Now you know how to connect the TV to the Internet.This operation can be done with any TV.The only thing that should be taken into account - there will be additional equipment needed.Good luck!