How to connect a video recorder ?

How to connect a video recorder ?

Some people still remained in the cassette VHS formats, and they are not going to part with their archives.However, their safety is quite low.But there is an option to save the information recorded on videotape.You can digitize it, but it needs to know how to connect a VCR to the computer.Moreover, it is not difficult, however, have to spend on a TV tuner.

We buy a TV tuner

to connect the VCR to your PC, you will need to buy a motherboard or video editing TV tuner.It is worth noting that the cheapest unit cost less than $ 50, but to get better picture quality, better to buy a TV tuner with hardware encoding stream in MPEG2.Also, when you buy, make sure that the tuner or video editing board equipped with composite or component input, and even better - S-Video.

connect a VCR to the computer

First you need to connect cables from the VCR output connector to the input connector of the tuner or video editing.This is followed by an audio cable to connect the VCR to the sound card input.What you will need to purchase pre-RCA-minijack adapter.Then you need to install the video editing program, for these purposes is well suited VirtualDub.Then follows a tuner configured as an input video signal and as sound - the sound card input.Now expose the encoding parameters of the video and save the movies in digital format.

connect a VCR to the TV

If you do not want to mess with the digitization and want to see the tape, you can connect the VCR to the TV.And this can be done via the AV-out or use a high-frequency output.However, before you connect a VCR to the TV, make sure that both are AV-socket.You also need to take care of the presence of the cable, through which the device will transmit a video stream over a channel connection in AV mode.For compounds Vidic and AV-TV channel on only one cable is required at both ends of which must be appropriate outputs.It is also recommended to disconnect the antenna output, that there was no interference with his hand.Talking about how to connect a VCR to the TV, you need to mention the sound transmission.After all, some models do not support the transfer of stereo, you need to take into account when setting the display on the TV.If the VCR plays back only mono sound, the TV may have worked only one speaker, who also must be switched to mono.Now that you know how to connect a VCR to the PC and the TV, and will enjoy a rarity materials.