How to connect a TV to a computer ?

How to connect a TV to a computer ?

you want to connect the computer and the TV to use their ability to more broadly?Consider the most common methods.

Connection via DVI / HDMI

If you have a computer with a video card with DVI output to a TV to the input of the HDMI, you can easily connect them, and then enjoy the movie from the hard drive on the big screen, in addition to the perfect quality.To connect your computer to the HDMI TV will need to purchase an appropriate adapter.The size of it is about a matchbox.This is a single molded design is available in two types: HDMI socket on one side and a DVI connector on the other, or vice versa jack DVI and HDMI connector.One of them selected on the basis of what kind of cable you need to use.You can also be purchased directly cable adapter whose one side DVI, and on the other HDMI.This sound can be played through the stereo system connected to the computer.

Connection via S-Video

consider the option as to connect the TV to the computer using the S-Video connector.This type of connection in recent years is the most common, as most TVs equipped with a SCART 21-pin-connectors or sockets for "bells", and the video card have S-Video output.If you do all this positioning, it is possible to do the connection.To do this, you need the following:

required length of cable with S-Video connectors on both ends, as well as an adapter, on the one hand which SCART-plug, the other socket audio, video and s-video.

Or you can instead just use the above cord fitted with on the one hand s-video connector and the other "bells".

If you plan to listen to the sound through the computer is not stereo, but through the TV speakers, something else will need a cord having a plug at one end, like a computer speakers, and other TV-bells.All cords purchase necessary and the same length.

commuting wire you have selected by inserting the plug into the appropriate slots, according to the colors and connectors.At the same time all the equipment have to be disconnected from the power supply.

Next, you need to hold your computer setup.Turn it.Tapping, right-click on the desktop, in the dropped menu, select Properties.They go to the Options tab.Here in front of you monitor 1 - a computer, a monitor 2 - is television.Stukalo mouse on the second and set a tick next to "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor."Click Apply.The setting is completed.

then the TV channel you want to include Video.Usually, there is a special button for that on the remote control.If all the work has been done successfully, the TV screen you'll see the wallpaper.

Now you can use the computer at the same time the whole family.For example, kids can watch cartoons that are on the hard disk, and you at this time to work in MS Office applications or the Internet.To display information from a computer on a TV, including video files, open them in any media player window and drag it to the right side of the monitor.It will disappear and it will appear on the TV.As usual you expose full-screen mode and enjoy the view.

Watching television on the computer

find out how to connect the computer through the TV.In modern times a rare man do without the Internet.The computer replaces the more fun the rest of our lives, it is fully replacing them and even improving.So it is with TV channels.More and more people are willing to watch them on your computer.After all, in this case, you can record the program you are viewing, then to use it as needed.Implement these ideas are quite simple, if you use the latest technologies.

Implement watching TV on your computer in several ways

preferred to carry it through the use of TV-Tuner adapter.It is available as a card on the PCI slot, or a much more common and easy to use the device as a USB-adapter.In the second case, only need to install it on your computer with all the supplied software.And you can work.And in the case of an internal adapter is necessary if computer is disconnected from the power supply to open the system cover to gain access to accessories.Insert the TV-tuner into a free PCI slot.Then you close the system unit, start the computer and install it on the supplied adapter software.If all went well, and TV-Tuner work correctly configured, it remains connected to the TV antenna, satellite dish or cable.Then you run the installed application and configure it feeds.It will help you not only to watch TV on your computer, but also to record it on the hard drive.

There is also quite a few internet sites that broadcast television in the on-line free of charge.To view it require registration to them and installed a recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

turnover in popularity in recent years is rapidly gaining IP-TV.It mainly included in the unlimited tariff plans Internet.The main advantage of such a television - a high-quality sound and images, including a five-channel surround sound and HD-resolution.

That's all that it was possible to talk on this topic.Have fun.