How to connect a TV via the VGA?

How to connect a TV via the VGA?

screen virtually any modern LCD or plasma TV has a certain fixed number of points.For example, the most simple LCD TV is capable of displaying on your screen, 1366x768 pixels, and modern luxury models in both categories of up to 1920x1080 pixels.

usual TV signal still has quite a relatively low resolution - usually 720x576 pixels, flat screens, adjusts itself under its own number of points.This process is called scaling and the scaling instead of the TV panel, this process can perform the PC, it is by means of complex calculations of the conventional television;programs, DVD or digital photos can picture corresponding to the resolution of your TV.

This method is more interesting and high-quality.Powerful modern processor is able to significantly enhance the video signals, and powerful software significantly enhances the image quality.A television signal processing is stable and improved over time, can not be.

What is the connection to the PC TV to choose?

to connect your PC, laptop, tablet, and other things to the TV best suited digital video outputs.There are a number of different outputs.Each PC is required to present a VGA-out, and it also has 99% of modern televisions.That's about it, we'll talk.

How to connect a TV via vga?To do this you will need a VGA cable VGA certain length.You can purchase it at any store of digital technology.The length is better to take with a small margin, because of the rearrangement of furniture no one is safe in the apartment.Connect is easy - turn on the cable to the appropriate connectors and your computer to the monitor settings as an active pick up your TV.And yet, that's all "wisdom" on how to connect your TV through vga end.


Not all TVs can display the correct image aspect ratio of 16: 9, and it is they get a VGA output.That is why they are instead of full-size photos and movies they show a flattened image (black borders left and right or top and bottom).To solve such a problem can be performed by using appropriate correction software, which is typically part of the driver to the video card.With this program, you can stretch the image on the TV screen (vertically and horizontally).

must not forget that most TVs when submitting images through the VGA connector does not use its full resolution.This also applies to modern televisions, they're out of their potential, for example, 1920x1080 pixels often use a maximum 1360h768.The thing is that these TVs are not "tell" a computer to their full capabilities.

advanced users in this case you can try to set up the appropriate resolution by using PowerStrip program 3. It should be noted that this method will not always be successful.This program can change the video settings so that the television will not show.Return the image in this case is possible only after you restart the computer, entering the safe mode uninstall PowerStrip program from your computer.Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to play it safe.

Now you know how to connect your TV through the vga.Enjoy your view.