How to connect a second receiver ?

How to connect a second receiver ?

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How to connect a second receiver?

Having two televisions in the house is no longer a rarity.At the same time, everyone wants to watch TV in digital quality.To ensure high quality image transmission, you need a digital receiver.And in order to watch TV in high quality on two TVs, you need two different receiver.Therefore in this article we looked at how to connect a second set-top box.If you have difficulty connecting a second TV, then read the article to start our article How to connect a second TV.

connect the second receiver Tricolor TV

  1. To start, you need to prepare a coaxial cable rg-6 type the desired length, and the two f-connector.And cables, and connectors you'll find included with the receiver (one and four cable connector).
  2. order to attach connectors, you need to pull back 15 mm from the edge of the cable and cut off the outer insulation.Be careful, because your task is not to damage the sheath that covers the cable.
  3. Now we need to take fiber braid, as if pulling them on the cable itself.
  4. After that bare wires of the cable and secure f-connector.The same must be done with the other end of the cable.Note that the cable wire length does not exceed by more than 2 mm from the connector.In addition, the braid should not touch the conductor.
  5. proceed to the installation of satellite divider.It must be connected to any segment of the cable, which connects with the first receiver antenna.The cable should be cut at any point and connect the connectors.On the whole satellite divider has three connectors: a lower, respectively, are connected to different receivers, the top single slot - to the satellite dish.Next you need to search for channels.

Search channels for

  1. receiver to carry out the channel search, you need to include both the TV and the receiver in the network.Next, use a special remote control.
  2. Next, click on the "Menu" button and select the window "Search Tricolor TV channels."Click "OK".
  3. After the channel search is complete, a message appears stating that the channels found can be saved.Click "OK".It is advisable to search for channels carried on different TVs in turn.


Before you start work, always make sure that all the equipment that will be used, disconnected from the network.The above statement allows you to set multiple receivers, but it should be borne in mind that a large load on the satellite dish may result in malfunction, so it is not recommended to connect more than two receivers to a single satellite dish.Also, when you connect the receiver do not forget to remove their protective film, as in the process of receivers quite hot.

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