How to make a quad bike ?

How to make a quad bike ?

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How do the ATV?

Today, the scope of the quad is wide enough.They can be used not only for the fun of driving on rough terrain, but also for fishing and hunting.Many villagers are trying to accommodate ATVs to perform various kinds of work, because this technique is an analogue mini-tractors.However, such a device is not for everyone can afford, so you need to know how to do a quad bike, avoiding improvised materials.

Making ATV

Before you make a quad bike with your hands, you need to prepare all that is needed for this:

  • welding machine;
  • profiles, tubes, angles;
  • additional equipment;
  • units of motorcycles and mopeds, components.

Getting started with drawings.On a sheet of paper to do a sketch or drawing of our future system.Before you make a quad bike, drawings and sketches to it, you need to think about what items can be done personally, and what - will acquire.At its drawing should be as clearly draw the interposition of units and units and then assemble them to be.

our ATV frame must be welded from tubes having circular cross-sections and square corners.Try to use fragments and elements of the frames of different motorcycles, because it is their pipes have high durability.There is no need to use water pipes.Do not forget to weld the mounting brackets components and assemblies.

Install engine and most securely fasten it to the frame.For his first ATV is desirable to select the motor from any moped.Then join our engine shaft to the rear axle pinion, using a chain drive.The wheel set up mechanisms to control your power unit and the frame, we are consolidating the control levers and pedals.

ignition systems and power should be taken from the same moped, he was taken from the engine.In the future, they can improve the reasonable and necessary modifications.Choosing a motorcycle fuel tank, which has a decent (large) volume.ATV ignition system must be equipped with a battery fail.

Before you make a homemade ATV, you must also decide what it will be used for the rear and front axles.Note that as these bridges can be used by commercial units scooters and sidecars.They practically do not need alteration, exception is the hub for new wheels.To make the suspension, we use the same spring isolators Japanese motorcycles, for example.

steering to be performed using two rods, they will ensure the rotation of the front wheels.The lever brakes combine with the transmission brake (nominally set to "Tula-200" sprocket rear axle) via traction.

outer panel kvadrotsilka best homemade produce using fiberglass.Make a plasticine or wooden blanks and vykleivaem panels on them.We customize them together, grind and cover with paint.Selected parts for the body kit can be taken from the production machine.And only after that, you can install the blank.

of ATV motorcycle «Ural»

With some parts of the old "Lada", a warm garage, necessary tools, as well as unnecessary motorcycle, you can disassemble it for parts, make ATV.How to make of motorcycle, ATV, we now analyze.

Materials and tools:

  • motorcycle brand "Ural";
  • shock absorbers, axle, brakes, steering rod, wheel and other parts VAZ;
  • welding machine;
  • table with a vise;
  • Bulgarian;
  • joint (constant velocity joints) from the car "Oka" and the propeller shaft;
  • set of hand tools;
  • compressor for painting;
  • profile and sheet metal;
  • jigsaw.

Before you make a quad bike from the Urals, it is necessary to disassemble the bike itself and remake the frame.Shifts the vertical pipe rack the seat 40 mm.Welded to the bridge from the pendulum of the Urals "Zhiguli" and welds it to the frame.Rear rack and the plug cut off directly behind the seat tube racks.Next you need to

struts of pipe racks, which are then welded next to the bushes of our suspended mounting to vertical saddle racks.To strengthen the structure, you need to close the triangles that we have received, scarves, made of steel plates.Now weld 30-mm thin-walled pipe design for the front of our frames, to which we attach the front suspension, front bumper and rear carrier.A front trunk from Cooking be a pipe having a diameter of about 20 mm.

to provide compact size, and increase agility we need to tame the rear axle, taken from the "Lada".Cut the spring cup and bearing brackets and pull out from the socket end flange.Next you need to tame the "stocking", and then return the flange in place and welds.At the same length should be tame half-line, by cutting the wheel flange.Then it is necessary to drill axial hole and pierce the core of our axis.We insert the rod into the flange and drill a blind hole at their junction.We turned on the half hole in every detail.Scored in the hole of the key wire and boil in a circle formed joint.

PTO shaft is made of the semi-axes "Oka" using constant velocity joints, and of the square tubes (25 * 25 * 2 mm) make the front suspension.Steering knuckle take the "Lada".Fix the lower ends of our arms to the spherical hinge cams.The upper ends of anchoring on a stretcher in the eyes.Brakes also borrow from the "Lada", thus removing the parking brake and brake servo.But the drive is best left to the usual bike pedal.

As for the engine, it must have a forced-air cooling (take the "VAZ 2108").The wheels are from the "Lada".They need to be equipped with tires that have a tread terrain.Rudder take the motorcycle, and speakers, fry, Coulagot wheel and thrust levers to better take on the WHA.Install the brake, lights and turning indicators.Do not forget about the great wings, equipped with mudguards, which need to equip our ATV.

If necessary visual instructions for the manufacture of the ATV, you can type in an Internet search engine query: how to make the ATV video, and your attention will be given a lot of references to video sources, where you can see how the process goes.