Why does not the TV?

Why does not the TV?

To repair home appliances, it is worth considering that the complexity of the repair of certain equipment depends on the proper definition of what part is broken.Do not even doubt that the repair of household appliances such as a refrigerator, TV and air conditioning should be conducted only with the participation of a specialist.Only he can make repairs using quality parts and tools.However, if your side is not a specialist, but you need to understand why the TV is not working, then let's see, what to do in such a case.

TV Types of faults

There are several signs of the TV to malfunction.Let's look at them in more detail.

  • TV remote buttons do not respond to pressing.The first thing to do - is to check remote battery.They can just break down, and because of this, the TV will not work as it should.In this case, you just need to buy new batteries and change them.If even then the TV refuses to obey the signals from the remote, then there is a problem in the television unit.In this case, you can not do without consulting the master.
  • TV is subject only to certain buttons on the remote.If you can not switch some channels, to increase or decrease the volume level, and all the other buttons work properly, then the problem concerns the failure chip inside the console.In this case, call the specialist will not need, just enough to buy a new console.
  • on the TV instead of the picture you can see a blue or black screen.In this case, there are two options causes of the problem - it's an antenna malfunction or failure of the TV.In the first case you need to contact your network operator to ask how to fix this damage.If the antenna is all right, maybe there was damage to the cable.

What should pay attention

also does not work if the TV screen, there is a possibility that the lost contact between the wall jack and TV.

If the sound does not work on TV, then in that case you can not do without a complete diagnosis of the unit.If the TV is on the store-seller warranty, you can send it to a service center and not bother with his mending.However, should very carefully pay attention to the conditions in which the TV operated.If the room in which it is located, has a very warm and humid "climate" that is, in the end, lead to the destruction of the contacts and to the disruption of the sound card.In some cases, it is enough to simply blow the TV chassis strong air flow, you can simply replace the fuses go wipe oxidised.

Another reason why not work on the TV channels, and why the sound is not working properly - it surges in the mains.

If you have a certain set of skills in radio and you can easily use tesetrom or a soldering iron, you can try to find the cause of their own, and then eliminate it.At first look, how the capacitors and the power supply.The components it may eventually deteriorate and leak.You can notice this by the wet spots around the unit.It corrodes copper tracks on both sides.In this case, the capacitor will be sufficient to replace the new one.

If you do not operate the buttons on the TV, it is necessary to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the mounting plates.Try using a magnifying glass to observe the possible manifestation of ring cracks that appear due to poor soldering material at the factory.Such complexity alone is better not to remove, and contact the service center as an improper repair fraught with adverse consequences.