How to connect the switch ?

How to connect the switch ?

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How to connect the switch?

We all understand that the switches are set for opening the circuitthat the light in the room is not burned continuously, but only when it is needed.If you have to install a new circuit breaker decided to call a specialist, then be prepared to that for a simple switch replacement (without a harness to it) you have to pay about 700 rubles, besides the expected house master for a few hours.

How to connect the switch with your own hands?Make it is not difficult.Suffice it to observe safety precautions when working with electricity, to deal with the switch device and have the skills to work with a simple screwdriver.In this case, you will save money for the work, and the time to connect the switch it will take no more than 20 - 30 minutes.

Types of switches

Despite the diversity of the simple one-button switches sold in stores, they can be divided into two types - switches indoor and outdoor installation.To find the right switch, you must first decide how it will approach to voltage cable - inside the wall or on top.If the cable is hidden under plaster, then set the internal switch.If the wire is on top of the wall, then put the external switch.

Choosing a location switch

By modern standards switches are set at 1 - 1, 5 m above the floor level.The switch must be located on the side of the doorway, which is opposite to the axis of the door opening.In this case, when entering into a dark room will be free to reach out a hand to switch directly from the door.Otherwise, the switch will be at the door.


Locate junction box in the room, which connect the wires from the chandeliers, the power cable and switch.If this box is not present, it is necessary to mount.The box will be used to connect the switch to a lamp.

From space you will install the switch to perform electrical cable junction box.Posting or laid on top of the walls and hiding in the cable channel or held inside the wall.In the latter case a necessary pre proshtrobit hammer recess wall.

Next, disconnect the electricity in the apartment, and further work is carried out in the absence of voltage in the network.

Connecting switch

  1. Get in the junction box wires from the switch, chandeliers and a current source.
  2. switch mounted on the phase conductor of the supply cable.If the switch is put in the neutral wire, the lamp base will always be live even when the switch is turned off.In such a situation, even with a conventional light bulb replacement a person can get energized with the most tragic consequences for himself.Phase wire is determined using the indicator until the cut-off voltage.
  3. in zero junction box wire from the lamp and the power cable are twisted together.Phase wires from the light bulb and a current source connected to the two cable wires going to the switch.

Installing external switch

  1. If the wiring is on top of the walls, the place of installation of external switch, you must first attach podrozetnik plywood.This is done using a drill, two dowels and screws.
  2. further trimmed let down conductor cable and insert them into the working mechanism of the switch terminals.
  3. fix a screw connection.
  4. screwed to the working mechanism Enclosures, set the top and insert the key into the switch.

Installing an internal switch

If you spent wiring, hidden under the plaster, you need to install an internal switch.Connect the switch to the cable is carried out similarly to the above.Changing only way to mount the switch on the wall.

  1. The wall is pre-circular recess and it is inserted podrozetnik plastic.
  2. Safety switch mechanism mounted inside Escutcheon using a spacer mechanism, or screwed to it cogs.
  3. On top of the operating mechanism and the key frame is superimposed.

Now we can supply the voltage and check the quality of work.

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