Why does not the Tricolor TV ?

Why does not the Tricolor TV ?

Now the number of holders of Tricolor TV satellite system is in the order of hundreds of thousands of people across Russia.Tricolor TV popularity is increasing every year.Many people tend to purchase a set of the satellite system, because it has long established itself as a high-quality digital TV receiver.However, like many satellite systems, Tricolor TV has its drawbacks.

In this article we will look at the reasons why not work Tricolor TV, and how to solve the problems associated with failures in work.

Causes Problems Tricolor TV

most common cause, with which users encounter Tricolor TV is no signal.First you need to use the remote control and press OK.If the receiver react, check the following:

  • If you have a satellite dish of small diameter, it is quite possible that the reason lies in precipitation and increased cloudiness.However, the reason may lie in the incorrect position of the antenna.For example, the antenna could wind heel.Strong gusts often cause even breakage of the antenna.In this case, it is recommended to cause a wizard that will fix the antenna or install a new one.It is also a common cause of breakage can be a coaxial cable.
  • If these reasons are not your case, then you need to re-use remote control and press the f1 key.You will see the screen on the quality scale and strength of the satellite signal.If the scale is less than 70 percent, then you need to carry out channel scanning again.You can use the automatic search again by pressing the OK button.

If the receiver does not respond to pressing the OK button, you must do the following:

  • Press the source button that activates the input of the television set.Connect to the corresponding television receiver.This can be RCA or Scart, as well as HDMI.
  • Check whether the subscription Tricolor TV is relevant, if not, you need to extend your subscription via the personal cabinet Tricolor TV.
  • If the subscription is active, then most likely your receiver does not see the smart card Tricolor TV.In this case, you need to pull the smart card from the slot, insert and restart the receiver.If your receiver do not have a smart card, you probably went Access Module.In this case, you need to consult specialists.

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