How to connect a gas stove ?

How to connect a gas stove ?

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How to connect a gas stove?

purchasing a new gas stove or gas hob, the question arises, how to connect it yourself, that is needed to get and what precautions should be observed, it is not necessary because the gas jokes.

To properly connect the stove you need to prepare the following:

  • flexible steel pipe or copper bight desired length;
  • dielectric coupling with seal;
  • pipe wrench;
  • soap solution.

Connecting gas stove

  1. first need to prepare the room in which the stove is installed.You should also shut off the gas supply from the gas network.
  2. If you have a built-in hob, check that the stove and countertops dimensions on which it is installed.In case of discrepancies the dimensions you need to adjust.
  3. then to install the stove in the appropriate place and align it.
  4. If the stove is equipped with an electric oven or electronic ignition, it is necessary to prepare the socket.You should also check the availability of the power lines and the ground connected to the cord outlet on the gas stove.
  5. next step is to connect the stove to a gas pipe, using copper hose or a flexible steel pipe.Connect it should be through a dielectric coupling gasket.
  6. tight connection is checked with a soap solution (in this case, you can use baby soap bubbles or ordinary soap dissolved in water).
  7. Once the stove is connected to the gas network, check the functionality of the device.If defects are detected, turn off the plate and cut off the supply of gas.And only after this troubleshooting.

hose Choice

To properly connect the gas stove to the gas network, you need to understand what the hose is best to buy:

  1. According to experts, flexible copper hose fits best to connect a gas stove, as it is strictlynot attached to one place and with a flexible schlangom at any point can be moved.
  2. should buy long hoses.On sale there are hoses from 1 to 5 meters: it is necessary to buy so long hose as far as conditions allow.
  3. reserve hose should reach from 50 cm to one meter.If you want to move the plate to the side margin of the hose will help to avoid a gas leak.
  4. Modern rubber hoses - durable and with proper maintenance can last more than 10 years.
  5. on gas hoses marked yellow marks (hoses with red and blue markings for water).
  6. When selecting hose should pay attention to the exit at the plate, which is bent forward and downwards.Also, do not forget about the thread, if it is difficult to pick up the hose with a suitable thread, you must use an adapter.

precautions when working with gas equipment

  1. Install a gas stove in a dry well ventilated room.
  2. installation gas stove should be carried out using equipment which is included in the complete set of plates (connection adapter).
  3. pipes must Bat connected tightly.
  4. gas stove pipe should be fixed to a hose.If you have a short hose, it should be replaced with a longer, but do not connect the two short hose to each other.
  5. If after a hob and a hose plugged in, the smell of gas, it should be cut off the gas supply and check all connectors for leaks (including connections to the pipes, as in the work you may have violated any connection).
  6. Section cuisine should be selected from heat-resistant material.
  7. flexible hoses and pipelines must be in mind that access to them was open.They can be hidden behind a removable box, but do not sew plasterboard or complex wooden structures, which are very difficult to disassemble.

If you doubt that you will have the right to connect a gas stove, check out the video, which is set out in detail the process of connecting.