Why does not the digital television ?

Digital TV
Why does not the digital television ?

today is no longer a novelty, but problems with its functioning - not a rare phenomenon.Therefore it is very often the users the question arises, why not work with digital channels.

In this article we will look at the underlying causes and possible remedies.

Common causes problems

If the device is working properly, there are no problems with the connection cables, entering the electric current, and so on. N., The problem is either with the prefix settings, or to the antenna.

So when auto search when you are caught, not all the channels, you should do a manual search.It is likely that you need a frequency near the tower.If a set-top box does not show any image, then the reason is not properly connected or select the video input.It is possible that a prefix is ​​not connected.After all, it should be connected not only through the outlet, and start using the remote.In this case, the indicator light should be green.

If you are convinced that the console is connected and you have a picture, but the "no signal" you are given a label, then the problem of the antenna.It is either not connected or is faulty, or you do not turn on the amplifier.So the first thing you should check the antenna, and then repeat auto search.

Suppose that auto search found nothing, but on the console you can see the inscription "no service".It is also possible that you will no longer show the channels and will be a similar inscription.In such situations, the reason is the poor signal.Then, transmit your signal is necessary to carry out a manual search for frequencies.This is due to the fact that in case of a weak signal auto search finds nothing, and manual shows even weak signals.

reason for this phenomenon appears your distance from the tower, or the number of the neighboring buildings, which are a hindrance to the reception.Importantly, when the intensity at a low level, signal amplification is necessary.In such a situation it is necessary to acquire power or to put the antenna on the street or do the above.

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