What kind of oil poured into the automatic transmission ?

What kind of oil poured into the automatic transmission ?

car has long ceased to be a luxury, it is available in the majority of Russian families.Exploiting iron friend almost every day, we soon come to the point where it becomes necessary to change the oil in the transmission.Many cars passed through several owners, service book has long been lost and no one can say exactly what kind of oil is filled into the gearbox.Everyone knows that cars are two types of boxes are installed: automatic and mechanical.What kind of oil poured into the automatic transmission, and which in manual transmission?For each type requiring different types of grease.

Oil for automatic

Consider what kind of oil poured into the automatic transmission.As automatic transmissions are substantially different from mechanical, they do not simply pour gear oil, and a special low viscosity automatic transmission fluid (ATF).Determine which oil is filled: mineral, semi-synthetics or synthetics, in appearance and smell is almost impossible, as even after a short operating time all the oil becomes transparent brown.Use is desirable that the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer and recorded in the owner's instructions.If such a statement you do not, then the necessary information can be gleaned from the literature or directories, a huge assortment of which is represented in the automobile.

If you do not know what kind of oil was poured into the automatic transmission (mineral, semi-synthetics or synthetics), it is worth to spend double oil change.This is due to the fact that all the oil drained from the box, and part of the oil can not still remains.A mixture of, for example, mineral and synthetic, may damage the automatic transmission fails.

I think every driver knows that it is better to pour into the automatic transmission synthetic oil rather than mineral, as synthetics has more high quality features, has a long lifespan.Change the oil in the automatic transmission, most car manufacturers recommend a 70 thousand kilometers or every two years.If your car is operated under severe conditions, the replacement must be carried out in 25 thousand kilometers, or after 1 year of operation.It is necessary to periodically, once every 7-10 days, check the oil level.

Oil for manual transmissions

Manual gearboxes are all cars of domestic car manufacturers, so be sure to describe what kind of oil to pour into the checkpoint.In conventional cars and trucks are only used gear oils, the choice of which is carried out for two main parameters: the specific load in the mechanism and the rate of relative sliding.Another important factor is the presence of oil extreme pressure additives that reduce wear under severe operating unit, and its degree of viscosity.

High oil viscosity makes it difficult to work synchronizers, degrades the lubricant parts of the box.The most applicable gear oil 75W-80.The boxes of front-production of VAZ is permissible to use, in addition to the gear, motor oil with a viscosity 5W-50 or 10W-50.And there is a big difference for the manual transmission, which oil is filled, mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic.Everything will depend only on your preferences and financial capabilities.