How to connect the Hall ?

How to connect the Hall ?

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How to connect the Hall?

«Hall" - interactive TV, allowing the user to watch their favorite movies and programs at any time, since it combines a cable TV and Internet.You can watch only those programs and movies that interest you.And using the instructions in our article, you will be able to figure out how to connect and configure your own interactive TV Hall.


  1. interactive television in the Hall installation kit you will find the modem, set-top box, as well as the necessary wiring.To connect the TV to the console, use the RCA cable, which usually comes bundled with a TV.It consists of three different colored wires on each side (red, yellow and white).Find on the TV and set-top boxes suitable connectors with the right colors and insert the wire.If your TV does not provide the desired connector, you can purchase an adapter from a SCART connector.After connecting the TV, connect the console to the mains.
  2. One end of the power cord, plug in the WLAN set-top box connector and the second - in the modem connector number 4. In the modem will remain free slots 1, 2, 3. With the help of them you can connect the computer and the modem.Connect the modem to the network.
  3. find on the rear panel Line modem connector.Connect through a special device splitter.Sam splitter, plug in the telephone socket.Not only modem, but also landlines now have to connect through it.
  4. Turn on the TV, modem and set-top box.Wait for network connection and data transmission is completed.
  5. On the TV find "AV" button and click it.If all goes according to plan, the screen saver will appear with "ZALA" logo.Press the button on the remote SET button.
  6. inscription "Password" with the line input will appear where you must enter the digits 6321 and press OK.
  7. Use the arrows to select the console menu "Basic Settings".Double-click the "Next", without touching any menu items.appears in front of you: "Account".It is necessary to enter the login number (registered in the contract and begins with 160000 *****).In the "Password" prompt, type the password (also established in the contract) and click "OK".
  8. Here again, the menu opens a window in which you must find the "Reset" button.STB will reboot and you will be able to start using the features of TV "Zala".

If you have followed all of the recommendations, and connect «Zala» failed to call around the clock technical support to the short number 123 or 130.

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