How to choose a scooter ?

How to choose a scooter ?

Scooter - this is a very convenient form of transport.It combines a loyal price of the scooter, favorable price of accessories and repair.Also, it is very economical - your travel around the city on a scooter will be invisible to your wallet in relation to the vehicle.But how to choose a scooter?

to decide their

Now the market is replete with a variety of models of scooters and sometimes choose a good machine is not just.It is necessary to take into account the capabilities of the machine suitable for you (the driver's gender, age, complexion, roads).It is important to select him in the track on which you'll ride most often.It is also important the presence of the seat and the price of a scooter.

Ā«engineĀ» and transmission

Choose your powerful machine, no less than seven horsepower.With such power your fuel consumption will be approximately one hundred kilometers - three liters.This engine is convenient and practical for the city.Try to choose a proven model, go to the forums to ask educated on this issue acquaintances.But do not skimp on the engine, it is desirable that it was not the Chinese production (meaning the Chinese firm, and not a factory of European companies in China), and European or Japanese.Choose engine capacity ranging from 50 cubic These options easily found in Japanese and Western techniques.With this mark, you will need a driver's license.So if you know how to drive a scooter and you should formalize your skill in the SAI.What scooter to choose?Do not choose a scooter power less than fifty cubic centimeters, because you will be uncomfortable to use city (not to be missed power).

Transmission should serve you for a long time, as it is considered one of the highest quality components.And even if the "fly" belt, you'll be able to replace him, but you need to change the transmission oil bude once a year, no matter how expensive the device you bought.


Electrical - this is a very important part of your machine.It includes: generator relays, battery, ignition signal, etc.You choose a scooter, in which not only the engine meets the parameters described above, but also high-quality electrical equipment.These devices do not have to bring you to operate your scooter.You should be prepared that the battery pack will serve you no more than three years.The best reviews received Japanese electronics scooters.In the Japanese unit, you will only need to change the spark plugs.

front fork

choice of front fork will stand before you.In the market there are three types: telescopic pendulum and single control.Although all three types will serve you for a long time, considered the most modern telescopic fork.But if your drive a halo - a rugged terrain, the optimal variant fork pendulum.

scooter for city

If you need a scooter to ride around the city, it is important to choose a model with the optimal rate of acceleration and maneuverability.Choose the engine from fifty cubic centimeters.The volume of the tank should be at least six liters.The brake disk should be, and the front fork - telescopic.A good choice for a city considered by Yamaha and the Honda Dio.

scooter trip

If you'll ride your scooter to the country, for example.What you should pay attention to the front fork (we wrote about it above) It should be a pendulum (absorbs well ride on potholes and uneven roads).Notice how the air filter is: the lower intake is more practical for the city and for riding on rough terrain it will require frequent replacement of the air filter.

Scooter and age

scooter What is better to choose for a man advanced in years?Naturally, you should choose a model from the age of the driver.If advanced age, it is important to pay attention to the reliability of the equipment.Saving on transport in this situation is impossible.Choose a model Honda Tact or Honda Lead.They are very convenient to use.And for guests and reliability remain leaders in our time.

Choice seat

If you have already begun the search for a scooter, it was noticed that the double units on the market there are not enough and it is not casual.Scooter for one person more economical and safe.But, nevertheless, some models can be called and a half.You will be able to put behind him is not a large passenger.This suitable range: Suzuki Address and Honda Lead.Remember that we do not write about cheap Chinese models, which are short-lived and technically unsafe to use.

So how to choose a scooter?The most popular manufacturer of scooters under the name Yamaha.In fact - this is a good option checked our roads and long years, you can also buy only the scooter Yamaha Jog (good Engine), Honda (strong frame, robust body), Suzuki (more sports model), Binelli, Aprilia, Peugeot, Vespa (the last four Europeanproduction, prices are much higher).Yet the choice is yours, and we sincerely hope that the purchased equipment will serve you for many years.