Which oil is poured into the engine?

Which oil is poured into the engine?

Before you got a difficult question, you need to decide what kind of oil to pour into the engine.Choosing the right motor oil is only possible given the many nuances.What it is, we'll tell.

Choice of motor oil

Which oil is poured into the engine: semi-synthetics, synthetic or mineral water?When you select will be guided by various factors.

Tips producer

Learn about them you can read the instructions in your car.There will indicate how the viscosity of the oil is recommended for your car in winter and summer.If the documentation is not present, this information can be found at the official representatives or on the official website of the brand of the car.Include recommendation is important, because the oil must correspond to the motor.If you will get the wrong oil, by the same token you will reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption.

What was used before

Learn about what oil is poured into the engine, the motor will help the study of the status and information about what oil was used before.Many experts advise to use mineral oil for older engines.If previously used for engine mineral oil, all the cracks and dents already managed to fill its deposits.If we now substitute a synthetic mineral oil, it simply wash away all debris and some of them may be useful.In this case, the new synthetics can simply spill out through the opening, and the engine will soon need to take in for repair.

Synthetic oil is advised to use for new engines and engines that operate at high speeds.There are also semi-synthetic oil, which is processed by chemical hydrocracking mineral oil.Semisynthetics cheaper synthetics.Choosing such an oil or not - you decide.

To change or not to change

The question is whether to change oil brand or not?For example, if the manufacturer has carried out research and certification for the car brand is the oil that you are using, the brand is not recommended to change.

If you find that you are using the wrong oil, the replacement of the brand in this case has both pluses and minuses.Plus it is that going to the right oil, you thereby improve engine performance.The downside is that any change in the brand of oil is harmful to the motor and shorten its life.If you have found exactly the most suitable oil and ready to go at it once and for all, then it is likely to replace it's worth.Also, please pay attention to one important point: use the manufacturers' recommendations precisely tolerances, rather than a specific brand when selecting oil.Recommended oil grade, any producer can be only profitable advertising, but about tolerance gives you the rigorous data to find really suitable oil.

Selection and oil change - not an easy task, because it is necessary to take into account many other factors, not only the model name and manufacturer's recommendations, and mileage, fuel type, time of the year, driving conditions.So, many are advised to change the oil (not the brand, but simply make a new replacement of the same oil) every 10 thousand km, but given the state of Russian roads is reduced by half the number -.. 5 thousand. Km.If in doubt, change the oil or not, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

oil viscosity

you need to follow one important rule: the higher the mileage of the car or the older the engine, the greater the viscosity of the motor oil.Otherwise the motor may be damaged.

oil quality

In it you will in any case have no doubt.Quality should be at a high level, not to arouse suspicion.Use oil of known and proven its quality brands.You can take the oil at an average price, but then his choice should be approached more responsibly.

But when choosing the famous brand also bear in mind that they often counterfeited and therefore find real butter inexperienced buyer will be difficult.Buy high-quality oil can be the official representatives of the manufacturer.Also you can find honest supplier who offers oil from the official manufacturer, and buy oil from it.

If you follow all these data, the question of what kind of oil to pour into the engine, and let not be easy, but it will become much clearer.You can make a list of all categories and brands that would like to purchase, and by examining each individually calculate the best.