Why do you need a TV ?

Why do you need a TV ?

Today TV is in almost every home, and for many it is the main source of information of all kinds.

We are so accustomed to this "magic box" that do not think about why there is a TV.

What gives man the TV?

Television - the most common of all the media that performs many functions.The main ones are the following:

  • information;
  • cultural-educational;
  • education;
  • socio-educational;
  • recreational.

Informative function

It aims to meet the information needs of the people.So, people from the TV receives more information than using other media, because it combines picture and sound.Also important emotional factor that helps a person to get rich information of a political, economic, social and cultural nature.

Cultural and educational function

very important and useful feature is the TV in the house, aimed at familiarizing the person to culture.Showing different performances, feature films, TV shows and concerts is designed to develop the society and arouse his interest in art and literature.

Educational function

With the help of a variety of television programs, people can get an education.This feature aims to train people with the help of translation of various training cycles, for example, TV programs for the study of different languages.

social-pedagogical function

One of the main functions of television and the particular TV channel in particular.It affects the viewer and promotes a certain way of life and specific spiritual and moral values ​​and attitudes.

recreational function

It provides individual relaxation and entertainment.It is necessary to carry a variety of entertainment shows and movies that we used to look after the working day, or watching which rests the whole family.Although this feature has little to do with journalism, it plays a huge role in the list of advantages of having a TV in the house.

These are the main reasons why a person need a TV.Also it is necessary to consider separately the useful features of modern models, without which today we are already difficult to manage.

features modern TVs

Modern TVs have not only a perfect picture and sound that provide a huge screen and a good sound system.They have such features, which a few decades ago we could not even dream.For example, TVs with Smart TV fashion function has the following main advantages, unlike the old models:

  • web-browser is of high quality;
  • possibility of integration into social networks;
  • onboard webcam or the possibility of its connection in order to use Skype;
  • built media player which allows you to play a variety of files from a memory card or USB device;
  • control and access with the help of alternative methods in the form of voice, visual identification or gestures;
  • access to the App Store.

Today almost all new TV models offer users extensive communication capabilities.That is why almost all modern brand connectors are equipped with HDMI and USB, they may differ from each other only by their number and version.It turns out that the new model has already taken over many computer functions by providing opportunities for the implementation of the various operations that were previously only possible on the PC with the TV.

Almost all manufacturers offer a feature that allows you to combine all the participation of the HDMI device in a multimedia network, while running them only with the help of a television remote control.

should be noted and model with support for 3D.They provide the following main functions:

  • depth adjustment three-dimensional image;
  • convert flat images into 3D;
  • simultaneous use by multiple users screen.

last point suggests the possibility to watch different TV shows, play together in a variety of games, etc.

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