How to connect the cable to your TV ?

How to connect the cable to your TV ?

TV in every home and it is not surprising that people want to watch it in high quality in any room of the house.To make this possible, in addition to the TV you will need to buy another special cable.Connect it and you can own - there is nothing daunting.It is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions and you will succeed.This article describes how to connect the cable to your TV.

What you need

  1. cable (length you choose for yourself, based on your needs)
  2. Tools for fixing
  3. plinth made of plastic (if you want to hide the cable)

connection cable to the TV

Consider the process ofhow to connect the cable to your TV.First you need to choose how to connect the cable, determine the number of required connectors and a method by which you will hide the excess cable.

When this stage is complete, proceed to the following: take the cable with a connector that is attached to it, and troubleshoot connection and signal quality.After that stretch the cable to where the TV will be.Fixes the cable using special hardware (by the way, it is better to choose to match the main color of the room, so they do not stand out much from the crowd).It is best if the cable is hidden as much as possible (behind furniture, under carpets, and so on. N.).However, in no case can not be put on it any heavy objects or tolerate constant moisture from entering it.

If you have chosen to close the connection, while the plinth is attached along the wall, and to the inner part with a special stapler attached cable and closes the second part of the plinth.If desired, you can pick up the plinth to match the walls or the floor - the good, wide range of colors allows you to do this.Due to the longevity of the plinth for a replacement to you for a long time do not have to think.Another advantage of the plinth can be considered the fact that it makes it possible to hide the excess cable length.

If you have not decided exactly which room will be the TV, then it makes sense to think about so that you can later transfer the cable into the other room.

Connecting a laptop to a TV

To watch movies or any transfer of the screen, larger than the laptop, connect it to the TV.In principle, particularly difficult in this process there is nothing, but there are some subtleties that are not known to all, but which are quite important for the quality of connection.

look at how to connect your laptop to your TV.The cable for this it is necessary to choose correctly.To do this, you need to explore all available slots, it is better to use a passport for the TV, or look at it the back cover and learn about the resolution that your TV supports.After inspection turn the TV to your laptop and examine the connectors available on it.In order not to confuse anything, all the data can be written.If the TV and the laptop has the same connectors, then there are no problems, but if all the connectors are different, it is necessary to choose the most suitable combination of connectors and buy an adapter or a special cable with different connectors.Based on the received information, go to the store and choose a suitable cable.

Now, as the cable itself.First, the experts do not recommend to buy too expensive options - will be enough cable to the average cost.Second, the smaller the length of the cable, the better the image quality, so if you can arrange a laptop next to the TV, it is better to use it.The most optimal cable length is 3 to 5 m.

After the cable is selected and purchased, proceed directly to the connections and settings.Cable connection is carried out simply enough: you must take the cable and plug it into the appropriate connectors on the laptop and on the TV.Next, you need to make adjustments.First, we turn on the TV, then - the laptop.Depending on the cable, the TV screen may appear once the image from your desktop laptop, and maybe just a black screen.

program to configure two or more monitors, as a rule, came with the video card drivers.When you install these drivers, you do not want to install it, while new drivers can be downloaded and installed with them and this program.

Then begin to connect the laptop to the TV.To do this, right click on the desktop, select the section "Properties", there go to the tab "Settings", where we press the icon "Advanced" and select "Desktop Management."Hence the need to go to your graphics card settings tab and find the item "Display", then - "Separation screens" and then "multiple monitors."Then you can make the laptop configuration and the TV, select an item from the options.To do this, it will be necessary, first of all, set the resolution of the TV and set the playback mode.Most often selected a mode in which both displays show the same image.

That's all the connection and setup are completed.Now that you know how to connect the cable to your TV.You can do it yourself and enjoy the view.Good luck to you!