What kind of oil to fill the winter?

What kind of oil to fill the winter?

The engine of any car, with the onset of cold weather, have to work in extremely difficult conditions.Therefore, all motorists recommended before the onset of the winter season, to carry out maintenance of his "iron horse", in particular, to change the oil.Of course, to give a definite answer, what kind of oil it is best to fill the winter, you can not, however, follow certain rules when selecting oil for the winter, you can make the right choices and avoid mistakes.

Determine the type of engine

First of all, it is necessary to look at the service book or a guide to find the type of car and engine.It is also necessary to know the choice of engine oil, operating conditions of the vehicle engine and the degree of wear.Due to the data obtained can understand what kind of oil should be selected.It is necessary to choose a product that will meet the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

also need to learn to read the markings on the canister label.Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the letter W on the canister when selecting the engine oil, as well as a number that is facing it.For example, 20W, 0W or 5W.This value represents a standard oil.This "winter" index indicates the minimum temperature to which it is recommended to use oil.

Select the oil should be and depending on the engine of the car according to API classification: petrol or diesel.In the case where the label contains the letter «S», this means that it is designed for a gasoline engine, and if the letter contains the "C" - for diesel.You should also pay attention to the second letter after the "C" or «S» - the farther from the beginning of the alphabet will be the second letter, the better the oil.Sometimes, the label can be applied once both markings, for example, SN / CL-4, this means that the oil is universal, it can be used in diesel and in gasoline engine.

Classification ACEA

deciding what kind of oil to fill the winter, you should pay attention when selecting and the markings on the classification of ACEA.With its help, you can choose the most suitable type of your car's oil.For this label must be inspected for the presence therein letter "A", "B" or "E".For example, the letter "A" describes the oil suitable only for petrol engines of minibuses, vans and passenger cars.If the vehicles have a diesel engine, the oil should be chosen with the marking "B".And if you need to pour the oil in a heavy truck, you should choose a canister marked "E".In addition, when deciding what kind of oil should be poured in the winter, you need to consider the following three aspects:

  • Since the change of the brand of motor oil is always a kind of stress and shock for the motor, it is desirable to carry out at least one oil change before the onset of frost.
  • Oils, which are produced by the same manufacturer, are guaranteed to be compatible.Therefore, buying oil from another manufacturer should be avoided as much as possible.
  • oil should necessarily meet all the requirements and standards of the car manufacturers as used in the winter.

Quite often, motorists tend to fill in the car's engine with new oil before the winter, even when prior to the scheduled replacement is still 1 or 2 thousand. Km.This logic is not without foundation, since the winter mechanism is the most difficult and unpredictable, so it is best to help the motor to cope with these circumstances with the new oil.Most importantly, it was true, and had chosen the proper quality.Read detailed information about how to fill oil in the winter and in the summer, you can visit the following link: "What kind of oil to pour into the engine?".