How to choose an antenna ?

How to choose an antenna ?

antenna should best meet the conditions and standards of broadcasting in your area.Buying antenna, we assume that it will operate for decades.And how could it be a shame when, after the installation and configuration of the antenna is that the quality of signal reception is poor or the antenna does not receive the necessary signals!So before you make your choice and pay for the purchase, you must know how to choose the antenna to later while watching TV not experience disappointment.Let us try to help you in choosing the right antenna.

TV antenna: how to choose

In many homes there are collective antenna.If you appreciate the quality of the signal it, you can determine the order, what kind of antenna you need.For example, if the antenna does not catch only UHF channels, then you can buy only for personal use UHF - antenna.Well, if the collective antenna does not catch and meter channels (NTV, Russia 1, Channel, etc..) Or the quality of the received signal it is unsatisfactory, you should opt for the all-wave antenna, which catches and meter and decimeter signals.

Features of signal propagation is such that sometimes even the most powerful TV antenna can not provide the quality of signal reception, interference issues.These drawbacks, in some cases can be eliminated by the installation of additional equipment (EQ filters, amplifiers).But, unfortunately, there are times when to achieve a noticeable improvement in the quality of the received radio signal is not possible.

So if you are planning to buy a TV antenna, it is advisable to seek the advice of experts who can conduct measurement of signal strength.Knowing this figure, a specialist can advise you on the specific antenna pattern that will most fully meet the conditions of radio reception in your home.

How to choose a satellite dish

more and more people are buying satellite dishes every year.When you look at all the "plates", it seems that they like each other and have little or no difference.But actually it is not.How to choose the right satellite dish and you need to pay attention?We hope the information below will help you with this:

  1. The most common satellite dishes made of aluminum, asthis metal is very lightweight and is not subject to corrosion processes.But aluminum antenna can easily be deformed.Therefore, when buying necessarily carefully inspect the antenna surface and the presence of its bending or other defects refuse purchase.
  2. satellite dish antenna may be made of plastic with a thin metal coating.These antennas have a small lifetime, and in the winter they easily adheres snow that degrades the quality of radio reception.
  3. diameter satellite dish must be at least 90 centimeters.The larger the diameter, the better the reception quality of the radio signal.

How to choose a car antenna

Before you buy a car antenna, decide with what the type you need.There are passive external and internal active antenna.The internal antenna located inside the car cabin.They are small, but their installation usually do not pose any difficulty.To install the internal antenna requires a special amplifier, which is switched on.

External antenna for high sensitivity.But they are subject to various environmental influences, as are located outside of the vehicle.Therefore, the reliability of the external car antenna is low.