How to connect your cable TV ?

How to connect your cable TV ?

Currently, cable television has many of its citizens.Those who still does not have cable television, for sure, want to connect it.Indeed, thanks to him, you can increase the number of channels up to a hundred or more, among which there are specialized channels, for example, "Hunting and Fishing", Travel Channel HD Traveler and many others.In this regard, we will tell you how you can connect a cable TV.

Connecting cable TV with his hands

connect the cable to your TV by yourself, you can not only save money, but also to get an interesting experience.To make the connection cable, you need only connect it to the TV connector.Please note that the cable should be ready to connect.As a rule, the finished cable is connected f-connector.

There are more complicated cases the connection of cable television.Its essence lies in the fact that you will not have a single cable, and three: yellow, green and red.

  1. red cable will need to spend from the antenna to the shield.After connecting the cable to the shield, you will need to lay it on the TV.
  2. Green cable need to carry out exactly the same way.
  3. yellow cable goes only to the TV.If you want to connect multiple TVs to cable television, you will need a special device called a multiswitch.
  4. Note that if the cable length exceeds 100 meters, you will need a signal amplifier.Also, experts use a special converter, which converts the analog signal to digital.Typically, the cable can be hidden behind the skirting board or mounted along the wall.

Connecting cable TV provider

To begin, you should know what your home service company.It is a network provider that provides services to connect the cable box.When choosing a company, pay attention not only on price but also on the package of services provided.

Many providers that connect a cable TV may offer various service packages.Some of them are connected in addition to cable television and telephone, and the Internet.Plus additional services from the company.

Moreover, the user can not refuse any specific services included in a specific package.As a general rule, the provision of a cable connection takes place at fixed rates or subscription fee.Also do not forget about that when choosing a contractor, you need to pay attention to customer feedback.

Average Connection cable television produces an employee who carries out home visits.This method is recommended, as it eliminates the possibility of incorrect wiring, which, incidentally, is very high.

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