Can I mix antifreeze ?

Can I mix antifreeze ?

Antifreeze - a special liquid designed for engine cooling, freezing which takes place at very low temperatures.For the convenience of the consumer antifreeze have different colors - red, blue, yellow, green.Chemically defined liquid has a color.For example, based antifreezes include acid red and green and blue - silicate (salt).Therefore, the question arises - is it possible to mix the antifreeze?

answer to this question is different in each case.It all depends on what exactly you are going to mix with coolant.Mixing fluids from different manufacturers is extremely undesirable, since their composition may be incompatible.Each manufacturer usually uses its own additives that improve the properties of antifreeze.

Some are used as additives inorganic compounds - amine, phosphate and boron-nitrite inhibitors.Foreign manufacturers of additives used in chemical compounds have a new type.The interaction between them an anticorrosion property may deteriorate the entire mixture, leading to early wear of all parts of the system.Imported

antifreezes have higher compatibility with each other, compared with the domestic.But this does not mean that they can mindlessly mix.

Can I mix different antifreeze

a mistake, and a view that can interfere with the cooling fluid having the same color.This statement appeared on the assertion that a certain chemical composition of the fluid corresponds to a particular color.But it is not always the case.

Some manufacturers within its own line of offerings can use the relationship of color and composition, while others may not stick.You can top up, for example, antifreeze red to red, then blame yourself for rashness.But can your red liquid Add the blue, but the chemical composition of a completely identical.And it happens in practice.

So it's all the same do if you have a decreased level in the radiator antifreeze?

Just add distilled water.But it should be remembered that if the life of the coolant is equal to five years, then adding water, you reduce it to one year.That is a complete replacement of the coolant will have to produce in 4 years.