How to choose aerogrill ?

How to choose aerogrill ?

Aerogrill is a special modern kitchen stove, where cooking takes place under the influence of hot air flow.When cooking in Aerogrill do not need to add oil.In addition, the food retains all the vitamins, and you do not have to fear that your dish will burn.

Modern aerogrill combines the functions of not only the grill, but also the smoker, Barbecues, deep fryer and a microwave oven.Therefore, buying aerogrill, you can save not only money, but as importantly, a place in the kitchen.

Currently, more and more housewives think about buying this kitchen appliance.And of course, they are wondering how to choose aerogrill, you should pay special attention.This is due to the fact that the stores represented a large number of a wide variety of models aerogrill, which are produced by different companies and different from each other in size, features and controls.

Aerogrill: what to choose

If you decide to buy aerogrill and do not want to be mistaken with the choice of the model, use the following tips:

  1. Before making a purchase, decide on how many people you will be cooking food in it.If you have a big family or you often come to visit, then choose aerogrill a bowl of not less than ten liters.If you plan to cook in your Aerogrill small portions of food, it is possible to choose a model with a volume of the cup from seven to nine liters.
  2. aerogrill choosing a model, pay attention to its power.The optimal capacity of this device is considered to 1300W.Do not select devices with higher power, sincethe preparation of food in them is reduced quite a bit, but the power consumption increases significantly.
  3. Note that the material from which made aerogrill heater.Models with halogen heating elements are cheaper than metal heating elements.However, they have a smaller set of features and frequently fail.
  4. Choice aerogrill model depends on the type of control device.There aerogrili mechanically and electronically controlled.Their difference lies in that the electronically controlled Aerogrill housewife can regulate the convection velocity.Furthermore, in models of mechanical control timer is designed only for an hour, and e - at night.
  5. It is advisable to choose a model aerogrill, which has a useful function as a self-cleaning.Yes, this model will cost a bit more expensive, but is relieved housewives labor is not worth it?
  6. Comes to Aerogrill can be attached a variety of additional devices, such as, for example, skewers for barbecue, packing for chicken or turkey, grill for grilling, etc.All of these additional devices increases the cost of the device and sometimes very significantly.Therefore, before you buy aerogrill, consider how much you will need these additional devices.
  7. aerogrill different models and its cover, which may be removable or bracket.Models with the bracket lid easier to use, becausein which the cover can be secured easily in place.
  8. aerogrill Before you buy, ask the seller what the warranty period is the device and check the instrument for him on the bar code.

From the above it becomes clear that there is no ideal model aerogrill suitable to all housewives.Therefore, the question of how to choose aerogrill may not be a clear answer.For example, if you have both a microwave oven, and steamer and bread maker, and aerogrill you only need to barbecue or homemade preserves, it is possible to opt for the cheaper model with minimal features.If you have a very small kitchen, it is unlikely you will approach aerogrill with a very large bowl, which would take too much space.Therefore, the correct answer to the question of how to choose aerogrill, will be the "Choose aerogrill so that it suits you in terms of size and feature set."