Can I mix gasoline?

Can I mix gasoline?

Generally, when you hear the question - is it possible to mix petrol, negative answer suggests itself.How can you mix two different types of gasoline?

But if to go into the issue in depth, here it is already possible to think about.Everyone knows that the majority of domestic gas stations (nothing personal, just the bitter experience) gasoline is not a high-quality, to put it mildly.

about petrol and gas stations

Often gasoline with an octane rating of 95, prepared by the addition of additives in the 92-th gasoline.But, again, we can say that the 92 th and 98 th are straight.Although there are not many agree.Returning to the subject of increasing the octane number by using additives, we can say that these same additives can have a negative impact on the individual components (catalyst, etc.).

Then we can conclude that there are problems with the motor gasoline of poor quality, instead of mixing different gasoline tank.Is it so?gasoline can interfere?

Ignition each car is exposed under a separate type of fuel, that is, change the octane number of gasoline, which is theoretically happen when mixing various gasoline negative impact on vehicle operation (detonation, etc.).While tucking at the gas station a full tank of the 98th, you can not be sure that your tank to the brim fill the 98th and not the 95th or 92 th or 80 th or even some mix of these varieties.

situation in Russia

Most modern cars have automatic knock sensor, which adjusts itself under the motor fuel in the tank.Often, these sensors are equipped with cars, especially for Russia (there should be a shame for the power).In this case the equipment will be set up all units for gasoline and even the fact that when mixing gasoline with different octane is mixed layers is especially not interfere here.

course, mixing gasoline - it's not very good, but the reviews of the owners, practicing such "cocktails" show that nothing fatal about it.

In the beginning of this article to the question - can interfere with petrol, really wanted to answer in the negative, the head is now plagued by doubts.You can sum up - it all depends on the specific vehicle and taken particularly taken gasoline, as sometimes pure gasoline can greatly hurt, and sometimes mixing two kinds of quality gasoline can increase the efficiency of your car's engine.

most quality gasoline in Russia is charged at gas stations "Lukoil" and "the Neste".