How to create a scooter ?

How to create a scooter ?

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How to start a scooter?

So, you have purchased a scooter (moped) or he got to you as a gift.And if, by coincidence, you do not even know how to start this machine, do not worry: now, we will tell you how to start the scooter and what to do if it does not start or you have lost the key.

How to create a scooter in two ways

If you want to start the scooter for the first time, check whether the filled in fuel tank - if not, you need to refuel.Do not worry if at first moped will long to start.Next, make sure if the scooter is based on the bandwagon.After inserting the ignition key, turn it to the level of «ON»: once the instrument panel lights and an arrow indicating the level of fuel, fly from zero.There are two options how to start the engine.Let's look at them.

  • Option One: using Kick.In this case, the engine starts always.Particularly, this method is useful when you have long enjoyed the scooter, and when a discharged battery.To do this, how to properly press several times on foot Tilt foot Kick (while moped will not start).Sometimes it takes a long time to press on foot Kick to the engine wound up, and that's fine.
  • Option Two: using the electric starter.This method can only be used with the current battery.Yet it is very convenient if you move a lot on a scooter or make frequent stops.To do so, press on the brake lever and press the starter button while holding the brake.Next, you need to hold the button until the engine, and then let go.

How to start the scooter without

key There are a variety of unpleasant situations, when the key is you can lose.In order not to have to face this problem, better to make at least one spare key.But if you do not take care of spare keys, and go you need to, you can go to a specialist who can help solve the problem, and try to get yourself a scooter.Now we'll show you how to do it.

So, to access the ignition switch, you must remove the front panel.To lock bolted contactor, you should unscrew the 2 screws and remove.Next, using a flat screwdriver to turn the heart to stop.Sometimes it is possible to turn the penultimate position, it is a safe engine start mode (not to scooter slipped away without your desire).

case where the ignition switch will be parsed, it should be removed from the chip and find a pair of contact plugs.Remember, the above recommendations do not guarantee that the scooter be acquired as the inept handling of the ignition switch may cause it to malfunction.

little about

management actually manage a scooter, you need only to know what and where is located.On the left side there is the rear brake lever on the right - front.On the right side is also leather steering wheel, which also need to step on the gas and using the rotation.There also is an audio signal and a starter button, and various switches (lights, turn signals, etc.).That's the whole dashboard.

Well, more about the nuances of control moped is described in our article How to ride a scooter.In this article you will learn the basic techniques of the control points, and what documents need.