How to connect a video camera ?

How to connect a video camera ?

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How to connect the video camera?

camcorder can be connected to both the TV (ie. E. To the monitor in order to observe what is happening outside the room), and to a computer.Last connection method will make it possible to not only view, but also record all the information to the media.Consider first, what are the kinds of cameras.

Digital IP-camera

Connect a camera to your computer is easy.This can be done by means of an Ethernet network (in this case it will be necessary to use a router device or connect directly via LAN-entrance).Then just need to know the IP-address of the camera, login and password (credentials) and go to it, using the most convenient for the user's browser.

How to connect the video camera (analog) to the computer

There are three ways to connect the camera to a computer.Do not be difficult to choose the most suitable.So ways:

  1. Pre will have to buy a video capture card, which is installed in a computer slot (PCI or PCI-e).Almost always with the data cards in the set is the equipment with which you can record according to the motion detector, or customized schedule.The only disadvantage of this method: in this way you can not connect to a laptop, since the board is integrated into the PC chassis.In this board is usually from 4 to 16 video outputs, so you can create your own entire CCTV network.
  2. In this case, you can use the video server.Its main purpose: to translate the analog signal to digital.In this case, an ordinary video camera is automatically converted to digital.Connection is by means of the BNC input-output and LAN-on your computer.Further, it works as in the case of IP-in camera.With the camera, you can work with both PCs and a laptop.
  3. For you can also use a special USB-converters.These devices are very similar to video servers.A process simple, cheap, but the quality of the transmitted image is much worse.

Connect CCTV camera to a TV

Now we will focus on how to connect the video camera to a TV.In this case, you can simply view the image without being able to put it down.

In this connection the camcorder itself will act as a conventional video player.Use to do this, the standard connectors AV-In / Out (it is a single slot with a diameter of about 3.5 mm).That is, through these connectors is required to connect the connecting cable.

used for the wire, on one side of which a mini-jack, and the other - two or three so-called "tulip" (the number depends on the quality of sound delivered - mono or stereo)."Tulips" are connected to the TV in color.If the connection is made incorrectly, nothing terrible will happen, just will not be any sound or video.To remedy the situation, you just have to change the connector locations.

Tips for Choosing a place for the camcorder you can find in our article How to install CCTV camera.