How to choose the hob ?

How to choose the hob ?

hob - is one form of built-in appliances for the kitchen.There are some important points how to choose the hob for their home.And all of these moments, be sure to consider before buying.What is the point?Learn from this article.

Types panels

hob - a flat platform on which the heating elements electrically.It is embedded in a special slot in the table top and does not form a projection does not take up much space.All operating panels are divided into four types:

  1. Gas - gas burners of different power used in these panels.
  2. Electric - a panel in which a heating element is used, or a glass-ceramic or cast iron plates.
  3. Combined - a "hybrid" electric and gas panels.The ratio of electricity and gas feed of 3: 1 or 2: 2.
  4. Induction hob - essentially electric, but it used a special method of heating.

often causes difficulty With such a variety - how to choose the hob?Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Gas - the determining factor

If the apartment or house has gas, the type of panel is clear at once.However, not always entirely clear: how to choose the hob?The gas that is understandable, but with some features of the design?Variety of design is great: it's aluminum, enamel and glass ceramic, stainless steel.

Well, now about the most important functions:

  • Gas-control - this function automatically stops the gas supply if the flame goes out.This system consists of a thermocouple and a device for gas lock.If there is no fire, the thermocouple with a gas lock device stops the supply of gas.This system protects against accidental gas leak.
  • function electric ignition.This function, which ignites a flame using an electrical spark.There are two types avtopodzhiga: automatic and manual.Automatic - when the flame is ignited when the gas burners and mechanical - when you need to press the button and turn the knob of the gas hob built into the case.

Amenities electrical panels

Here you can find a number of advantages, which has an electric hob.How to choose the best?It depends on the combination of these advantages.If the hob is coated with enamel, the paint can be in any color: the pink and green, yellow, and even in any shade of white and black.Enamel hob will fit into any kitchen interior room.However, when cleaning it covered with scratches, paint fast breaks off and becomes unusable.If the hob is made of steel, it will fit into any interior.Plates of steel are very strong, have a low cost, but there are many drawbacks and one of them - the steel plates are difficult to clean.If the cast iron plate burned, they can be easily replaced with new ones.Iron plates need special care, high humidity starts to rust.And, perhaps, the main drawback, which is not possible on either how to choose the hob iron - does not fit well into the interior of the kitchen room.Rapidnye panels can instantly become hot and can also cool down quickly, it greatly simplifies cooking.But it has a minus, of course, essential, such panels have high power consumption.If we talk about how to choose the hob is particularly worth mentioning about the ceramic glass plate, which has become very popular lately.But she was afraid of hot caramel and precision strikes.When buying a bar there is a high probability of burns from the heating element.

new induction plate

latest trends of modern technology - Induction cooktop, choose which is offered by many well-known manufacturers of household appliances.It is very similar to the glass ceramic.The induction coil with a current panel is a glass-ceramic.Pot or pan, which is placed on the stove, it is the second winding of the transformer.Electric current which passes through the bottom of the dishes, and heats the products are in a pot.

temperature heating on a stove can be set with high accuracy.

function Intense heat can increase the power of a cooking zone by reducing the power of the second.In such a hob the hot products of the following sensor and heated to the desired temperature, the heating is reduced automatically.In these, and many other advantages, how to choose a different type of hob?

But there is a big disadvantage: it is impossible to put such devices near the oven, made of metal, and they are: refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens.To use such panels needed utensils from a ferromagnetic alloy, which is worth a lot.Now combined set of panels that are four heating zones, wherein the two induction, and two more quick heating zone, these plates can be used and a conventional bowl, are not necessarily made of a ferromagnetic alloy.

few tips

For small kitchens fit hobs with two burners increased, but only if the family without children.If you have children, it is better to buy four or more rings.

If you do not have problems with money, the best option would be the induction panel, which will need to pick up a special dish.More practical to choose the panel on the basis of the glass ceramic.Cast iron is better not to buy panel since their production is stopped, so they can be tremendous advantages disadvantages.
Many modern panels are low cost, and what a gas hob choose will largely depend on the willingness to save.Of all the features, select those that you actually will use, in order not to waste money.