How to connect Tricolor TV ?

How to connect Tricolor TV ?

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How to connect Tricolor TV?

Company Tricolor known today thanks to his satellite television.This TV is great for those who are out of town and does not have any other options other than satellite.However, to set the Tricolor TV by yourself, you need to make a lot of action on the setting up of satellite dish TV setup.Not many owners of satellite TV knows how to connect Tricolor TV.So let's look at this issue in more detail.

How to connect TV channels Tricolor own

Connecting receiver

Before configuring Tricolor TV channels, you need to find a satellite, and then reset the receiver to factory settings in order to clear the list of unnecessary scrambled channels.This is done only in the case when the Tricolor found that in the list of TV channels lot of unnecessary scrambled channels.To do this, go to the menu of the receiver and walk the path "Settings - factory settings".Then press the red button at the bottom of "Reset".To access the settings, you must enter the PIN code, which is specified in the documentation.The default PIN code usually is four zeros.

Channel Setting

itself setting Tricolor TV is automatic and manual mode.Automatically determines the default channels, but not all channels are displayed.Total 32 normally defined default channel.The rest must be found in the manual mode alone.To do this, go through the path "Menu - Settings - Manual Search".The parameters are changed only the flow rate, polarization and frequency on the list:

  • Frequency: 12226, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 27500.
  • Frequency: 11727, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 27500. It is also necessary to mark additional settings select "Skip coded."
  • Frequency: 12303, polarization: Right (R), flow rate: 27500.
  • Frequency: 12174, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 04340.

So you can find multiple channels, which are not defined automatically.Then we exit the menu and check all the TV channels have been found.If the channels are not of good quality, perhaps the fact that plate catches bad companion.Then it is necessary to reconfigure the plate and find the best satellite signal.

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