How to clean the interior ?

How to clean the interior ?

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How to Clean a salon?

Every professional motorist must maintain your vehicle clean and tidy.This is not only from a hygienic viewpoint, but also to keep the car in good working condition.In this article we will talk about how to clean the interior of the vehicle.

What you need to clean

interior cleaning - a general cleaning, cleaning of all surfaces, removal of stains and the use of special cleaning agents.To clean the interior of the car, you will need:

  • vacuum cleaner.It will help pre-clear the chair, remove large debris and sand from the floor.And the presence of detergent cleaner simplify the process of dry cleaning.
  • brush.Their level of stiffness must be different.For the seat should be selected soft brush and floor - hard.
  • five or six napkins Microfiber;
  • sponge;
  • water;
  • rubber gloves for hands.

How is cleaning

  1. Please remove all items from the car.In the glove box, too, do not leave anything.
  2. Remove the covers with headrests and seat, as well as all the decorations that have in the car.
  3. To clean the interior of the vehicle efficiently, you first need to remove all the debris from the car cleaner.Start vacuuming the floor.If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can take a small brush and sweep away all the dust down.Do not forget to vacuum and under rugs.
  4. If there are places where you do not get it with a vacuum cleaner, use an air compressor.It will blow hard from the slots all the garbage.
  5. to the floor turned out perfectly clean, remove all seats.
  6. Clear plastic car interior components using special napkins.For polishing of plastic also used in aerosols.For example: «Kleen-Flo», «BM COCKPIT IL-PIU», «Wurth».The means must be applied to the surface and rub with a dry cloth.
  7. The ceiling must be cleaned carefully.In most models of ceiling upholstery nevodostoykogo it consists of material that is easy to absorb moisture.So do not let the ceiling saturated with water.Better it gently vacuumed.
  8. If there are spots, then it is better to withdraw with special detergents.But do not forget that there is a padded foam seals.It is sensitive to various chemical compositions.
  9. Best option - is to use foam agents with high permeability.They are great withdraw traces of oil, coffee, wine, or other substances.For example, the market-proven good foaming cleaner «Profoam 400".
  10. Shaking spray, apply a remedy at the ceiling.Wait until the vehicle absorbs the dirt.Dry with a clean cloth and remove the foam.Movement is necessary to perform in one direction and ensure that the foam flew in different directions.The surest way - is the alternation of strong chemistry with conventional soap suds, which should be applied with a sponge.
  11. vacuum the seats in the unfolded form.To display the spot and give the original look trim, apply chemicals.The most common and easy - it sprays.But before you apply them, test them on an inconspicuous section of upholstery.The main thing is that the material had not lost its structure, and the color remains the same.For the upholstery fabric on sale there are cleaners, "Polster - Schaum Reiniger» and «Interior Cleaner».And for leather interior: «Leder - Pflege» and «Rich Leather Foam».
  12. Clean the car window you can use the «Glass Cleaner» means.If no liquid for washing the glass, it is possible to use water, and add a few drops of ammonia.
  13. eliminate unpleasant smell in the car you will be helium flavors.

Now you know how to clean the interior of the vehicle.Always keep your vehicle clean and tidy!